Ryan Miller Makes the Most of Life Without Crosby

Ryan Miller seems to be the beneficiary of Sidney Crosby’s media shyness.

Crosby’s agent has now said Crosby didn’t do Letterman after the Olympics because his schedule was too tight.

I’m not sure if Team Crosby turned down any other high-profile gigs, but it’s hard not to notice Miller is now everywhere and Crosby isn’t.

Miller did the TODAY show this week.

Plus, The Wall Street Journal just had a lengthy feature on the goalie (and goaltending in general).

I’m not sure if Miller is truly benefiting from the lack of Crosby, but it sure seems to be the case.

Obviously, the true litmus test of Miller’s celebrity status would be the square assigned to him, if HOLLYWOOD SQUARES was still on the air.

Also, over in St. Louis, Doug Armstrong is getting ready to transition into the GM job as current GM Larry Pleau prepares to wind things down.

Armstrong is in a tough position. The Blues have some solid pieces, but they’re definitely a work in progress. He won’t be taking over a finished project, which will make for a more challenging take-over. I’m sure Pleau will still have a voice in decisions, whenever Armstrong assumes the GM role, but it seems like there will need to be a lot of communication for things to work well for the Blues.