Mike Modano Denies Latest Stars Ownership Rumor

Mike Modano and Brett Hull are denying they’re part of a group trying to buy the Stars.

Modano told the Dallas Morning News he wouldn’t get involved with anyone from outside of Dallas.

Wayne Gretzky was also supposed to be in on the deal.

Modano isn’t sure if he’s retiring after this season but he seems interested in some kind of management role with the Stars. In fact, if you recall, Modano brought in Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to look into buying the Stars.

If Modano is working with Cuban, I can’t believe he’d walk away from a proven professional sports team owner for Hull and Gretzky. Especially since neither has the best management track record.

So it’s kind of an odd rumor. I’m not sure who would start it and what it accomplishes.

But one interesting thing is that Modano seems to be the one constant in quite a few of the these Dallas ownership rumblings. He seems serious about an ownership role with the team. Whoever winds up emerging as the front-runner owner can probably expect a call from Modano, asking about getting involved with the purchase.