Buffalo’s Lack of Power in Powerplay Bounces Them Out of First Round

Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins - Game Six

I don’t remember a playoff round where special teams were such a huge factor.

New Jersey got bounced out of the first round on the weakness of their powerplay.

And last night, so did the Sabres. Buffalo did not have a first-round powerplay goal against the Bruins.

Nashville has a weak 3.3% powerplay percentage and they also exited the playoffs last night.

I’m not too confident Washington can win game seven given how bad their powerplay has been.

It’s tough to win when your powerplay won’t work.

The Sabres were in a tough spot, pitting a depleted offense against a hot goaltender. As great a goalie as Ryan Miller was for the Sabres, Buffalo just didn’t have enough firepower up front to let the Sabres take over a game.

Plus, Miro Satan had Miller’s number in the series.

The Eastern Conference’s second round is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Boston and Philadelphia both have a late 90s kind of NHL team. There’s a lot of action down by the net, a lot of shots from the point, and not a lot of speed through the neutral zone. These two teams love puck possession in their own zone.

It doesn’t always look great, but as Buffalo and New Jersey will tell you, their style of play can be quite effective.