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Sharks and Bruins Showed the Challenge of Expectations

Expectations are a funny thing. Once they been raised, they can be very hard to lower. The Flyers and Blackhawks are going to the finals and while only one will end up with the Cup, you can say that to a certain extent, both teams have met or exceeded expectations. The Sharks made it to […]

Is Jason Spezza’s Contract the Immovable Object?

Do you know how you know the NHL season is winding down? Sure, you have the final round of the playoffs about to start. But you also have Ottawa stuck with a player they maybe/possibly don’t want. This year, it’s Jason Spezza, whose contract and one-way offensive style make him pretty much unmoveable. Apparently, many […]

Flyers Now Afraid of Nothing

The best part of the Flyers clinching last night? Watching Philadelphia captain Mike Richards embrace the Wales Trophy. Many, many players believe if you touch the conference-clinching trophy, you won’t win the Cup. Also, many players believe that by ignoring the trophy, you’re sending the message you only care about winning the Cup. After some […]

NHL: ‘It’s Phoenix or Bust’

I’m not going to even pretend to really understand the finances of the NBA or the NHL. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I’m not even going to pretend to understand my personal finances. Mostly I just barter for what I need. Having said that, I believe Ted Leonsis when he says the NHL is […]

Habs Beat Flyers Like Flyers Beat Habs

I loved last night’s Montreal win over the Flyers. In the first two games of the series, I noticed Montreal’s defensemen trying to break-up plays up near the circles. They wanted to stop the Flyers and get the puck out as quickly as possible, which makes sense. But the Flyers are so quick and shifty […]

Chicago Rolls and No One Asks Too Many Questions

Context is everything. The Sun-Times has a small item talking about how well Marian Hossa is playing in the playoffs, despite scoring just two goals. And Hossa’s game really has evolved. He’s gotten much, much more physical, which he attributes to his year with the Red Wings. But would everyone be content with Hossa’s performance […]

Flyers and Habs Making Game Two Adjustments

The Canadiens and Flyers are both in adjustment mode. Even though Philadelphia won big in game one of the Eastern Conference finals, they’re still looking at what they can improve upon, knowing Montreal probably will be a tougher team tonight. For instance, they’re trying to figure a way around all of that Montreal shot-blocking. Over […]

Peter Laviolette’s Brilliant Coaching Performance

Whatever happens tonight in Boston, you have to be really blown away by the performance of Peter Laviolette. Laviolette came to the Flyers mid-season, taking over a team in utter free fall. He inherited a seemingly toxic locker room that he’s managed to coach around. Not only did he guide the Flyers into the playoffs, […]

Penguins Need a Goalie Upgrade

It’s never fair to lay a team’s fortunes at the feet of their goalie since while the goalie is an important position, a lot of factors go into wins and losses. For instance, Pittsburgh couldn’t get past Montreal, last night and in the series, for a few reasons. Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak was super hot. […]

Blackhawks Advance on Canucks’ Generosity

Rick Morrissey’s column this morning is about how the Blackhawks finally re-discovered their killer instinct in beating Vancouver to move into the Western Conference finals. That’s certainly part of what helped Chicago move past Vancouver, but the Canucks also looked slightly out of sync during the series. Vancouver would control the puck for long stretches, […]