Flyers’ Struggles Make Devils Look Even Worse

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers - Game Three

It’s not surprising that the Flyers are struggling against the Bruins.

Without Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne, Philadelphia isn’t that hard to defend.

When Arron Asham is your offensive powerhouse, things are tough.

Asham was playing on the Flyers third line, reunited with Claude Giroux and James van Riemsdyk. Those guys are pretty much the only thing the Flyers have had going for them in the second round.

What’s really shocking about the Flyers struggles is that the Devils couldn’t get past them.

Seeing the Flyers struggle in the second round, it makes the Devils’ elimination look even worse. The Devils didn’t lose to a hot team. They lost to a team they made look hot.

If Jacques Lemaire hadn’t retired, I feel like there’s a decent chance he would have been fired, once Lou Lamoriello saw just how beatable the Flyers really were.

Speaking of that coaching vacancy, former Devil John MacLean is talking himself up, trying to win the job many feel should be his.

(The Devils’ AHL affiliate made the playoffs under MacLean’s coaching, but like their NHL big brother, the team couldn’t get out of the first round.)

If you graphed the Flyers season, it would look like the EKG of someone having a heart attack: lots of up and down spikes. The Flyers would struggle and then bounce back. Fail and then succeed. They got a coach fired (John Stevens), but made a new one look great (Peter Laviolette). They won the first round of the playoffs, but now it seems their ride is over.

It looks like the heart attack was fatal.