Flyers and Habs Making Game Two Adjustments

Flyers' Coburn celebrates his goal against the Canadiens during the first period in Game 1 of their NHL Eastern Conference final hockey series in Philadelphia

The Canadiens and Flyers are both in adjustment mode.

Even though Philadelphia won big in game one of the Eastern Conference finals, they’re still looking at what they can improve upon, knowing Montreal probably will be a tougher team tonight.

For instance, they’re trying to figure a way around all of that Montreal shot-blocking.

Over in Montreal, they’re working on neutralizing Philadelphia’s forecheck and keeping the Flyers out of the crease.

For parts of game one, it looked like Montreal wasn’t taking Philadelphia seriously, presumably because having beaten the Caps and the Penguins, the Canadiens felt the Flyers wouldn’t pose much of a challenge.

I don’t think Montreal will under-estimate the Flyers the rest of the series.

If Montreal does elevate its game, though, the Flyers still have other options: reinforcements are on the way for the third round. Ian Laperriere is believed to be close to returning and Jeff Carter also might return for the series.

Laperriere and Carter would provide huge emotional lifts for the Flyers, but would also be huge upgrades. You’d have a tremendous offensive player and a tremendous defensive player re-joining a team that’s already done pretty well for itself.

And if either one, or both, return for the Eastern Conference finals, that’s another adjustment Montreal is going to have to make.

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