Chicago Rolls and No One Asks Too Many Questions

Chicago Blackhawks v San Jose Sharks - Game One

Context is everything.

The Sun-Times has a small item talking about how well Marian Hossa is playing in the playoffs, despite scoring just two goals.

And Hossa’s game really has evolved. He’s gotten much, much more physical, which he attributes to his year with the Red Wings.

But would everyone be content with Hossa’s performance if the Blackhawks were down two games, rather than up two games? Is great forechecking and solid defense worth $62.8 over 12 years?

Also, it’s worth noting that as physical as Hossa’s been, he’s also picked up 19 penalty minutes, second most on the ‘Hawks. And more than twice what Ben Eager has (to be fair, Hossa’s also played in four more games).

When a team is rolling as well as the Blackhawks are, no one cares about contracts and cap hits. But the second a team like that struggles, the guys with the huge salaries better start scoring (or making huge saves) or they’re going to get called out.

One person who’s been way ahead of everyone else on the calling-out-the-Blackhawks future trend is one-time ‘Hawk (and Shark) Jeremy Roenick, who’s officially on record as pulling for the Sharks.

But I don’t want to rain on Chicago’s parade. The city is in a great place. Blackhawks merchandise is selling like hot cakes. And there are even rumors (rumors pretty much confirmed to be untrue) impending NBA free agent LeBron James is house hunting in Chicago.

I wonder if James is a hockey fan.