Is Jason Spezza’s Contract the Immovable Object?

Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators - Game Six

Do you know how you know the NHL season is winding down?

Sure, you have the final round of the playoffs about to start.

But you also have Ottawa stuck with a player they maybe/possibly don’t want.

This year, it’s Jason Spezza, whose contract and one-way offensive style make him pretty much unmoveable. Apparently, many GMs see him as too risky for that price.

I seriously doubt the Senators are entertaining the idea of moving Spezza anyway, but he has seemed unhappy in Ottawa at various points over the years. And the Senators have seemed unhappy with Spezza at certain points. So while he’s a great offensive player, it wouldn’t be too shocking if the Senators explored the idea of dealing him.

Bruce Garrioch spoke to former Blue Jackets GM Doug MacLean and MacLean had the best take on Spezza: fans and GMs would love him if he were a $5 million/year player. But at $7 million/year, the Ottawa just aren’t seeing enough return on their investment.

Maybe the Sharks are interested in Spezza?

Also, were the Flames interested in Steve Yzerman as a GM? The Calgary Herald seems to think so.

I didn’t think things were quite so dire for Flames GM Darryl Sutter. Nothing like a dodged bullet to start the draft and free agency.