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Blackhawks Lift Stanley Cup Outside the Box

I don’t remember a finals quite like this one. When is the last time you saw such average-to-poor goaltending? Flyers goalie Michael Leighton should have had at least two of the four goals he gave up, including the game-winner. Chicago goalie Antti Niemi continued to surrender some of the worst rebounds I’ve ever seen. His […]

Guy Boucher Chooses Tampa Lightning

A lot of NHL teams are making the most of the Stanley Cup intermission. The Blue Jackets hired Scott Arniel after getting turned down by Guy Boucher. Arniel is an AHL coach who was in the mix for the Oilers coaching job before it went to Pat Quinn. Boucher reportedly turned down the Columbus job […]

Guy Boucher Not the Right Fit for Blue Jackets

Most hockey teams have two variables: players and coaching. If you have good players and a good coach, you’re most likely going to have a good team. It’s tougher to be successful with only good coaching or good players. But you also have to factor in the type of coach. Some coaches are very good, […]

John Madden No Longer Needs an Elite Goalie

John Madden of the Blackhawks is finding time to stir things up. Right in the middle of the Stanley Cup finals, he managed to take a shot at the Devils, his old team, calling the 2009-10 Blackhawks the best team he’s ever played for: This team is way deeper. Just take a look at the […]

Blackhawks Doing a Lot of Little Things Well in Finals

To be honest, I hadn’t noticed this myself, but apparently the Blackhawks are blocking a lot of shots. It’s not that surprising, though. The Blackhawks are doing a great job keeping Philadelphia to the outside. A lot of times it seems fairly obvious where the Flyers’ shot has to come from, making it easy to […]

NHL Should Let Stars Shine Not Manage

In graduate school I took a management course where we had to read canonical leadership books (most of which seemed to come from the 1960s and 70s). I read THE PETER PRINCIPLE, which maintains that every employee within an organization rises to their level of incompetence. It sounds cynical, but the logic is that someone […]