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Don’t Worry: Ryan Malone Always Hits His Season Goal Mark

I don’t know who does Ryan Malone’s publicity, but they’re very good. The Tampa Tribune reports Malone is working his way out of a recent slump: He started with one goal and seven assists in the first 14 games, continuing a scoring drought from the second half of last season, when the five-time 20-goal scorer […]

John MacLean Ready to Invest in a TARDIS for Ilya Kovalchuk

I continue to be fascinated by the implosion of the New Jersey Devils. It’s not fair to lay the failures of an injury-ridden team at the feet of one player, but Ilya Kovalchuk, he of the 15-year, $100 million contract, has just 10 points on the season, with only four goals. Claude Giroux has almost […]

Blues Happy Barret Jackman Might Return, But Not Celebrating

Apparently Blues defenseman Erik Johnson started this season wanting to be a top-two defenseman. Defensemen Roman Polak and Barret Jackman both went down and suddenly Johnson’s wish came true. Which is why it’s usually safer to wish for money. Or in Johnson’s case, safer golf carts. Johnson has been solid, with occasional bouts of overwhelmedness. […]

Is Jarome Iginla Running Out of Mainstream Fame Options?

So it seems that the Flames aren’t going to try and trade Jarome Iginla. On the one hand, I think it’s great. Iginla’s from Alberta. He loves Calgary. He wants to play for the Flames. The fans love him. It’s a great situation. I also think it’s great for the Flames. They’re obviously having an […]

Goalie Sergei Bobrovsky Is Busy, But Other Goalies Are Busier

I like how Flyers coach Peter Laviolette is denying goalie Sergei Bobrovsky is tired, even as Bobrovsky (maybe) says he is. I don’t doubt Bobrovsky is tired but I’m just as sure he doesn’t want to say anything about it to his coach. Players never want to not play. But I think a good number […]

Flames Are One Sutter Down with One to Go

Kevin Allen says Calgary’s trade of Brett Sutter, son of GM Darryl Sutter and recent bar fight participant, wasn’t about Brett so much as it was about clearing some of defenseman Ian White’s salary. Even if Brett wasn’t the main reason for that trade, it’s a great first step for a franchise that is way […]

Not All NHL Coaches Appreciate the Transparency of Parity

Mike Heika makes the interesting case that the NHL has pretty much attained parity. Maybe not true parity, but less and less difference in the talent level of teams. To the extent that Heika says coaching and team effort is what wins games for a lot of NHL teams. James Gordon has a similar thought, […]

Marian Gaborik’s Return Leaves Rangers with Logical Lines

It’s kind of obvious that the Rangers are better off with a guy like Marian Gaborik in the lineup. He’s an elite, if fragile, NHL player. But that’s not the only reason the Rangers are better off with him. Gaborik’s presence gives balance to their lines. With him in the lineup, coach John Tortorella is […]

Leafs and Penguins Should Combine Lines

The Penguins and Leafs are both having a tough season. For the Leafs, this is nothing new. For the Penguins, it’s very new territory. What’s so interesting is they kind of have inverse problems. Toronto is weak down the middle, with strong wingers but no dominant center. The Penguins are strong down the middle, but […]

Proposed NHL All Star Game Gives Fans a Glimpse of League That Will Never Be

The NHL is supposedly