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Winter Classic Should Prop Up Games That Need It

Not to be a jerk, but I’m just not too excited about this year’s Winter Classic. I’m a bit excited in that it’s the NHL’s time to shine in American sports, assuming the game actually gets played. The thing about the Winter Classic, though, is that while it has pomp and circumstance and gravitas and […]

Demotions No Longer Enough to Revive Alex Kovalev

It looks like Alex Kovalev is returning to the Ottawa Senators fourth line. This would be his second rotation there, having spent a few shifts there earlier this month. After complaining about the demotion, he was returned to the top line. Kovalev has just seven goals and 16 points on the season. It’s not surprising, […]

Blackhawks Surviving Without Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa

It’s amazing how many factors are interrelated in a hockey game. Take the Blackhawks. They’re playing without Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa (both are expected out at least until after Christmas), yet so far, Chicago is managing to win without the two stars. Apparently, the Blackhawks are 3-2-1 with both players out of the lineup, […]

Ghost of Montreal Expos Might Haunt CBA Negotiations

I’m not too into the idea of the NHLPA/NHL collective bargaining agreement negotiations. The best case scenario is a lot of negotiating, which isn’t always riveting, but the worst case scenario is a work stoppage, which obviously is not a cool outcome. So I usually opt for denial. But with Donald Fehr’s official appointment as […]

Rangers Are the Hummingbirds of the NHL

It amazes me what a difference attitude can make for an NHL team. Look at the Rangers. On paper, the team shouldn’t be significantly better than last year’s model. The biggest difference is the absence of defenseman Wade Redden. Yet, this is simply a much better team than last season. This team has 41 points […]

How Does Patrick Marleau Really Feel About His Slump?

I didn’t realize just how cold San Jose’s Patrick Marleau had gone. He has just 3 points in his last 10 games and is -16 on the season. Both the Sharks and Marleau insist there are no injury issues. In an attempt to get Marleau going, he’s been moved off of San Jose’s top Joe […]

Daniel Alfredsson Is No Benjamin Button

One good thing about last night’s Ottawa loss to the Thrashers? Danny Alfredsson scored, breaking up a 10-game goalless slump. Ottawa Coach Cory Clouston was never able to diagnose the reason for the slump, but in general, seemed fine with Alfredsson’s opportunities and effort. I don’t think effort or opportunities are the issue, though. I […]

Are the Islanders Finally Calling in the Calvary?

I don’t think about it constantly, but in general, I have trouble deciding just what’s wrong with the Islanders. Are they a team that won’t spring for quality, free agent players or are they a team that can’t attract quality, free agent players? Given their vast amount of cap space, I had resigned myself to […]

Rangers’ Coach John Tortorella Sees Patience Pay Off

For much of John Tortorella’s time coaching the New York Rangers, I wondered how long he was going to last. He seemed to have nothing but contempt for his players and a lack of patience that bordered on child-like. Lines would only last a few shifts. Sean Avery was scratched for acting like Sean Avery. […]

New Penguins Defensemen Mastering Dan Bylsma’s System

With the Penguins on an 11-game winning streak, I just don’t hear the same calls to fire Dan Bylsma that I did earlier this season. Funny how a winning streak translates to job security. What’s changed for Pittsburgh? They’re still without Jordan Staal. Evgeni Malkin’s been having knee problems and he’s been struggling, with only […]