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The Atlantic Division: A Place to Learn About Losing

The Atlantic is turning into some kind of advanced failure seminar. The Islanders and Devils are rocking the cellar, each team still not in double-digit wins. Each team has to be looking at the other, trying to figure out just what the other one is doing wrong. For example, let’s look at how Devils’ GM […]

Bruins Might Need to Keep an Eye on Marco Sturm

If you’re an NHL player, it’s a bad thing having your name linked to a potential trade. But it’s even worse actually getting traded (unless you’re traded away from an awful team or a bad city). But being almost traded but then not? And not during the February trade deadline? That’s got to be the […]

Thrashers: ‘Islanders! You Don’t Have to Live Like This!’

The New York Times took a look at the recent misfortunes of the Islanders. And, as you might guess, there’s a lot of stuff to look at. There’s the horrible losing streak this season. There’s the lack of a new arena. And there’s the lack of fan attendance. The Islanders average 10,773 fans per game. […]