Matt Moulson Wants to Remain an Islander…Seriously

Photo by bridgetds

One of the most shocking things I’ve heard recently is that Matt Moulson doesn’t want to be traded away from the New York Islanders (reportedly to the Bruins).

I’m not sure why he wants to stay, although the Islanders do seem to have turned out of their nosedive. But apparently he sees a future with the franchise that rejuvenated his career.

Luckily for Moulson, it looks like he doesn’t have to worry too much. It sounds like the trade rumor was just a rumor.

So far, it looks like Moulson, along with Doug Weight, are members of a very small club of players who really seem to enjoy playing for the Islanders.

It’s interesting, because you hear so much about how the Islanders have trouble attracting and retaining players. I’d be genuinely curious to hear what both guys like about franchise. And it could prove helpful to the Isles in terms of figuring out how to get some free agent talent out to the Island.

Goalie Dwayne Roloson, recently traded away from the Islanders, might not have been a huge fan of his time on the Island, given some interesting comments about his new team, the Tampa bay Lightning:

[I appreciate Tampa’s] work ethic, their tenacity, their willingness, everything to achieve the ultimate goal…Everyone’s mindset and direction is pointed towards the ultimate goal and that’s great.

Those are nice comments about his new team, but they could also be read as qualities he found lacking in his previous team. Did he see a lack of worth ethic and tenacity with the Islanders? Because it’s almost a given winning isn’t a franchise goal. At least not from the management level. Is the Islanders’ culture what so many players find offensive? And if so, why doesn’t it affect Moulson?

The Islanders squander a great history and have become a league joke. If you have a solid, young player like Moulson who wants to stay there, the franchise really needs to document exactly why he wants to stay. Because apparently Moulson is one of the few contemporary NHL players to acquire Islanders’ Fever. Obviously, the Islanders want to spread that disease a bit more.