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Rangers Making the Best of Chris Drury

Photo by bridgetds Yesterday, Larry Brooks had a column wondering what the New York Rangers’ plan is for Chris Drury. Drury has two years left on a contract with a cap hit of over $7 million per season and he’s been relegated to the fourth line. Drury has yet to score this season (he’s been […]

Peter Forsberg’s Stalling Comeback is a Huge Distraction

Photo by bridgetds To the surprise of no one, Peter Forsberg’s comeback isn’t going as smoothly as Forsberg hoped it would. The issue, as it always has been, is his foot. Forsberg swears he’ll decide on if he’s coming back “soon” but told The Denver Post if he had to announce his decision today, he […]

Florida Panthers Trying To Find Fans, Not Wins

Photo by bridgetds The Florida Panthers are mixing up their practices a little bit, forming what they’re calling a Rink Coalition of different ice rinks around South Florida. The Panthers will hold public practices at the various member rinks. George Richards loves the idea because it’ll help spread hockey around Florida. It’s a smart move […]