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Like Ferris Bueller, Ryan Miller Needs a Day Off

Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is upset about the soft goal he yielded to Dion Phaneuf in last night’s eventual Buffalo loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. As you can see, the shot came from right inside the blue line and while it was a good shot, it probably would have been much more stoppable […]

Islanders Making Tickets Affordable to Entice New Fans

The New York Islanders are doing something very few New York City area teams seem capable of: cutting their season ticket prices. The goal of the price cut is to attract new season ticket holders and grow the Islanders’ season ticket base. Over 60% of current season ticket holders will pay less for their tickets […]

Getting High with Henrik Lundqvist

You can argue the NHL doesn’t care about its goaltenders, letting players run them like they’re pieces of broken sticks littering the crease. But New York Post reporter Larry Brooks? He cares about goaltenders. Since New York Ranger backup goaltender Marty Biron was injured during practice (broken collarbone), Brooks has written quite a few stories […]

New Jersey Devils Need One More Season with Coach Jacques Lemaire

It’s very good news for the New Jersey Devils that coach Jacques Lemaire is considering staying on another season. If Lemaire stays, it’ll give the team some consistency, letting the Devils build on the many successes of this season. Conversely, it’ll spare the team the growing pains of yet another new coach. Or in the […]

NHL Free Agency: ‘Don’t Count on Me to Save Your Team’

The Minnesota Wild are in an interesting position with defenseman Brent Burns. The career Wild defenseman’s contract expires after next season. Jim Souhan writes that Burns might command around $6 million per season on his next contract, meaning the Wild might need to choose between re-signing the streaky Burns and signing a new goal-scoring forward. […]

Rest Might be Secret Weapon for Chris Pronger and Sidney Crosby

It’s kind of scary to think how many teams might get serious upgrades for the playoffs. Chris Pronger is currently out for the Flyers, recovering from hand surgery, but he says he expects to be back for the playoffs (and perhaps even sooner). So basically, Pronger is resting up for the playoffs while he recovers […]

Player Safety Begins with Control

I have one major objection to Mario Lemieux’s plan to fine teams whose players are suspended. Lemieux says his plan would make teams accountable for the actions of their players. And that’s the problem. The league needs to make players accountable for their own actions. I’m reading H.A. Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching (because […]

Sean Avery Most Effective in Small Doses

The New York Rangers’ Saturday night shootout win over the San Jose Sharks was interesting in that it was the first time this season Sean Avery was a health scratch. Avery seems to have spent most of this season in coach John Tortorella’s doghouse, but this was the first time Tortorella felt compelled to scratch […]

NHL Stakeholders Have a Lot of Thoughts to Share

Zdeno Chara’s controversial hit on Max Pacioretty is showing how many boundaries are blurring between the NHL and external parties. The NHL, like just about every sports league, has aggressively pursued advertising opportunities, essentially putting the league in business with its advertising partners. The league gets money from these deals and the advertisers get exposure […]

Gary Bettman Might Finally See Coyotes Leaving Phoenix

Is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman finally submitting to the idea of moving the Coyotes out of Phoenix? It’s hard to say what Bettman is thinking, but his public language seems to be softening. He’s gone from calling the situation in Phoenix “fixable” to admitting that time is running out for the Coyotes to stay in […]