Top 10 Questions the New York Rangers Need to Ask Their Next Coach

April 25, 2013; Raleigh, NC, USA; New York Rangers coach John Tortorella look on from the bench against the Carolina Hurricanes at the PNC center. The Rangers defeated the Hurricanes 4-3 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Have you ever seen an NHL power play before?
  2. How do you like the sound of Assistant GM Sean Avery?

  3. Do you believe there are situations where it’s OK for the puck to be carried into the offensive zone?
  4. Do you think players should mostly play in their natural positions?
  5. Do you think it’s possible for your top defensive pair to play less than 45 minutes a night?
  6. Is it OK to sometimes not storm out of a press conference?
  7. Do you have set lines or do you just go with whoever you’re least mad at in that moment?
  8. Is it possible for a good player to not block every shot and to instead focus on something like scoring?
  9. Do you know what reporters are? Do you understand they’re paid to ask questions?
  10. Do you acknowledge that players are allowed to move around the ice on a power play?