PuckUpdate is written by me, Steven Ovadia. I live in Queens, NY.

I launched PuckUpdate in September 2002. It was a follow-up to my first blog, PopUpdate Daily, which had nothing to do with hockey.

I’ve been linked/mentioned lots of places. USA Hockey recently called me a great hockey blog. Time said nice things, too. ESPN2’s SportsNation made me a site they like, which was neat.

I’ve written for Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy.

I write an occasional fantasy hockey column for RotoRob.com.

I used to write for New York Sports Express, before they folded. Before that, I wrote too many music reviews for alt-weeklies across the U.S.

I’m not very social, but you can find me on Twitter. You can email me via steve at this domain.

This is how I create PuckUpdate. Except now I’m on WordPress. And Scribes is now my text editor. And I’m now 100% Ubuntu Xubuntu Lubuntu Sabayon (I blog about Linux here).

My logo is by Zeckle Graphics.