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Sean Avery Might Have Magic Powers

More and more I wonder if Sean Avery has some kind of magical power. The Rangers traded for him in February 2007, helping to put Avery on a more prominent stage than he had in LA as a King. Avery’s antics and agitating suddenly seemed more noteworthy. Avery loved it in New York but couldn’t […]

Rangers’ Young Core Might Have Already Peaked

The Rangers are getting a bit nervous about their lack of secondary scoring. The team has just 12 goals in its first six games of the season. A third of those goals have come from Marian Gaborik. Another third have come from a combination of grinder Brandon Prust and sophomore defenseman Ryan McDonagh. That pattern […]

Martin Brodeur Injured At A Very Helpful Time

Devils’ coach Peter DeBoer got a little bit of a break in Martin Brodeur getting slightly injured so early in the season. The Brodeur injury instantly grabbed the team’s attention, focusing them on winning without their franchise goalie, and took their minds off of last season’s horrible start. DeBoer has been doing a lot of […]

Glen Sather and Icing Safety: Compassion or Gamesmanship?

It’s nice that Rangers’ GM Glen Sather is coming out, very publicly, in favor of the NHL adopting some kind of no-touch icing rule. Sather’s in favor of the race to the puck stopping at the faceoff dots, rather than around the boards. Sather was commenting on the state of icing in the NHL because […]

Sean Avery’s Waiving Could Have Been Avoided

I can’t imagine anyone is surprised Sean Avery was waived yesterday. Avery has lived in coach John Tortorella’s bad graces since before Tortorella coached the Rangers. It’s vaguely sad, though, since there are things Avery and Tortorella could have done to make the relationship work. I hardly consider myself an Avery fan, but he’s an […]

Parise or Kovalchuk Should Consider Switching Sides

I’m always amazed how NHL teams will let their rosters fall out of balance. For example, how did the Devils not consider the ramifications of investing so much in left wings? The Devils have a lot of money and talent in Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise, both of whom play the left side. Last year, […]

Jaromir Jagr Looking Downright Contemporary for Flyers

I’m shocked by how good Jaromir Jagr has looked for the Flyers. When he left the NHL in 2008, he looked exhausted. He was playing for a coach who didn’t mind static, half-court offensive sets without much stretch-passing or speed, but the league was changing around Jagr and around the Rangers. It was becoming harder […]

Two-Thirds of a Top Line Is Enough for Rangers

It looks like the Rangers are considering Wojtek Wolski for the top-line wing spot, which would have him playing with Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik. It would be a nice gig for Wolski, especially since there were rumors the Rangers might buy out his contract this summer. But the Rangers really don’t have many options […]

Islanders Still Dream of a Healthy Rick DiPietro

Yesterday’s New York Post had a nice, long profile of New York Islander goalie Rick DiPietro. DiPietro is perhaps best known for signing a 15-year contract in 2006, putting together two very strong seasons, and then spending the next three seasons being perpetually injured. DiPietro is once again trying to get his career on track, […]

NHLers Enjoy Aggressive Coaching Just As Much As Fans Do

After the last NHL lockout, the league put an emphasis on trying to take trapping out of hockey, saying that fans didn’t want to watch a team trap for three periods. So the league tweaked some rules and did what it could to put some more speed into the game. And for the most part […]