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Proposed NHL All Star Game Gives Fans a Glimpse of League That Will Never Be

The NHL is supposedly

The Return of Hockey

It sure will be nice to see games that count tonight. The seemingly unstoppable Bruins are starting to get healthy. Patrice Bergeron, out with a concussion, skated yesterday, and could return to the Boston lineup as a wing. It makes sense given Boston’s depth at center and given that playing center is physically demanding. Bergeron […]

Older Athletes: ‘Eating Eggs is a Recognized Skill’

This weekend the Times had an interesting look at how many older players are thriving in the NHL. The article says that conventional wisdom holds teams will build around young talent under a salary cap, but I think it’s quite the opposite. Teams can’t afford young talent, unless it’s home-grown, so a cheap way to […]

Free the All-Stars

I just can’t get psyched for the All-Star Game. I don’t see what separates it from a pre-season game. Obviously, at this time of year, teams, like the Blackhawks, need a break from the grind of the NHL season. But couldn’t the league just stagger a break, so half of the NHL is off for […]

Don’t Be Late!

Don’t Be Late!

NHL: ‘How Would You Feel About an All-Star Game with Horses?’

It seems the NHL realizes the All-Star game was a huge dud. Earlier this week, the NHL’s Fan Face Off Panel was all about what worked (and didn’t work) about the last All-Star game. This question was particularly interesting: It seems the NHL has some pretty firm ideas for upcoming All-Star games. That question makes […]

All-Star Line-Ups

Where’s Coach?

Where’s Coach?