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Peter Forsberg’s Legacy of Delusion

Photo by Mafue Ultimately, Peter Forsberg’s legacy won’t be his place as one of the league’s great two-way players. He won’t be remembered for playing with the soul of a grinder and hands as good as any NHL finesse player. In the end, Forsberg will be remembered as a player who refused to accept his […]

Avs Need Fresh Blood to Stop the Losing

Photo by BradJones9 If you’re a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, you’re probably used to emotional highs and lows. Just two seasons ago, they finished dead last in the West while last season saw the Avs clinch the eighth seed and then exit in the first round. This season, after a strong start, the Avs […]

Peter Forsberg’s Stalling Comeback is a Huge Distraction

Photo by bridgetds To the surprise of no one, Peter Forsberg’s comeback isn’t going as smoothly as Forsberg hoped it would. The issue, as it always has been, is his foot. Forsberg swears he’ll decide on if he’s coming back “soon” but told The Denver Post if he had to announce his decision today, he […]

Avs Ready to Start Craig Anderson Until He Drops

Despite the fact the Stanley Cup finals were played by two teams basically working the whole goalie-by-committee angle, I think there’s still something to a good, old-fashioned number one goalie. The Avalanche have one in Craig Anderson, the first time since Patrick Roy left that the position doesn’t seem to be a day-to-day audition. Anderson […]

NHL Should Let Stars Shine Not Manage

In graduate school I took a management course where we had to read canonical leadership books (most of which seemed to come from the 1960s and 70s). I read THE PETER PRINCIPLE, which maintains that every employee within an organization rises to their level of incompetence. It sounds cynical, but the logic is that someone […]

Sharks Rally Around Dan Boyle’s Freak Goal

[picappgallerysingle id=”8523816″] Out in Denver, the Sharks are dealing with the fallout from Dan Boyle’s freak goal on his own team. A day later, Boyle said he’s still not over the mistake, but he’ll have forgotten by tonight’s game. Sharks coach Todd McLellan seems content to write the whole thing off as a freak accident, […]

Canucks Do What They Do Best; Sharks See Winning as Optional

[picappgallerysingle id=”8535182″] I loved the end of last night’s Vancouver-Los Angeles game because the final few minutes were a microcosm of the Canucks’ season. You had Mikael Samuelsson, an off-season acquisition, scoring in overtime, proving his playoff experience and ability to get into the slot made him a solid pick-up. You had Henrik Sedin setting […]

Improving Attendance in Colorado

I love how Adrian Dater’s pet issue is tracking attendance at Avalanche games. Yesterday he posted some ideas on how to improve attendance. It’s interesting stuff: brighter lights around the arena; classic rock music, rather than metal; and a high definition JumboTron screen. Dater also talked to some players about the low attendance this season, […]

Pepsi Center: ‘Why Am I So Empty?’

Adrian Dater points out Monday’s Avs-Flames game drew just 11,448 fans. The comments on Dater’s post are interesting. Some say attendance is low because the Avs play the same teams over and over. Other people said it’s a marketing issue. One poster said Avs fans are still put off by last season’s debacles. I’m going […]

Thibault Phones-A-Friend; Redden Reclamation Project Continues

I know this is hardly the most important story of the day, but I have to point out Jocelyn Thibault’s goaltending consultancy gig in Colorado: Rather than being with the team full time, as goaltending coach Jeff Hackett was the past few seasons, Thibault still lives in Montreal and is spending occasional stretches with the […]