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NHL Is a Two Financial Tier League

Forbes released their annual NHL franchise valuations and things actually look pretty good for the league. Or at least for some of the franchises. The average operating profit was $6.1 million, aggregate income increased, as did average franchise value. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an across the board thing for the all of the franchises. While successful […]

LL Cool J to Foppa: ‘We Should Call This a Comeback’

How shocking! Adrian Dater is hearing Peter Forsberg is a bit undecided about his NHL comeback. Although, this is actually a comeback from a comeback. Dater thinks Forsberg is going to give the NHL another go once he’s extensively tested his foot. Do they not get NHL news in Sweden? Has Forsberg not seen the […]

Avs Winning Games and Losing Fans

Wednesday night’s Avs-Coyotes game was a Colorado record for low attendance. Adrian Dater asked fans what happened and he got back some very interesting responses. According to Dater, a lot of fans reported ticket prices weren’t the only factor keeping them away from the Pepsi Center. Some fans reported problems with the Avs ticket office […]

Some NHL GMs Already Prepared to Surrender

What a crazy season. Jeff Gordon says he’s already hearing trade chatter from certain NHL GMs, with many already thinking about giving up their season and trying to dump salary. What separates NHL GMs from most other sports, is that NHL GMs only seem to think about salary implications after a contract is signed. Vinny […]

Isles and Leafs Place Offense Before Winning

What are we? Two weeks into the season? And already the Doug Weight trade rumors are starting. This has to be some kind of trade rumor record. The Islanders are still waiting for their first win of the season and are in a challenging situation. Coach Scott Gordon has some talented, but undeveloped forwards and […]

Sharks Need Defense; Avs Need Goalie Luck

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s still early in the season, so it’s still hard to make observations about team problems and team successes. But having said that, some interesting ideas are already starting to emerge. Like will the Sharks play defense this season? They went down four goals to the Kings, managed to come back, […]

Humor In (an NHL) Uniform

It’s corn Friday. Sorry! Buccigross’ ‘Heatley will be a Shark’ call is just a big misunderstanding: he’s talking about an upcoming Ottawa production of WESTSIDE STORY. Also, don’t miss Jason Spezza as Maria. The Sabres released photos of the commemorative bricks from the Aud, which they’ll be selling. So the Sabres will hold onto bricks […]

Dallas Misses Out on a Jonas Glover; Goodbye Captain Joe

Kind of a crazy 24 hours in hockey. Wonder goalie Jonas Gustavsson signed with the Maple Leafs, leaving the Dallas Stars scrambling to find a “backup” for Marty Turco who can step in and start when Turco inevitably flounders. Again. Not that Turco is going to go quietly into the night. He wants to play […]

Smyth Goes Hollywood; Rangers Cast Big Body

The big shock of the weekend, for me, anyway, was Ryan Smyth accepting a trade out of Colorado. For someone who made a very big deal about where he would sign last year, he sure seemed ready to get the heck out of Denver. And while the Banff native was probably happy to get a […]

Tonight’s the Night

So tonight’s the night for Detroit or Pittsburgh. Tim Panaccio says the Penguins need a role player to step-up and pull a Ruslan Fedotenko circa game seven of the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. I think Fedotenko, who now plays for Pittsburgh, is a logical candidate for that role, but maybe it’s too obvious. Meanwhile, moving […]