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Forsberg Moves to Retirement; Dallman the KHL’s Bobby Orr

It seems Peter Forsberg is moving closer toward retirement. His comeback game in Sweden didn’t go very well and ended with Forsberg saying the game “wasn’t fun at all.” I thought I’d be happier when Forsberg finally ended his Quixotic NHL comeback drive, but seeing him give up his dream a continent away from the […]

Officials: ‘Stop Pushing Yourselves!’

The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater is becoming alarmingly disgusted by the Avs, but he does have the team’s back a little bit today, agreeing that they got a raw deal in their 7-4 loss to the Leafs when Milan Hejduk’s game-tying goal was waved off for a goaltender interference call on Ryan Smyth. I can’t […]

Lemieux Return Less and Less Funny

Claude Lemieux returned to Denver last night, now 43 years old and a member of the San Jose Sharks. Lemieux is playing on the fourth line and it doesn’t sound like he’s expecting more of a role, although I suspect Sharks coach Todd McLellan will occasionally use Lemieux in shut-down roles when he senses it’ll […]

Doing More with Less

Do you know that Twilight Zone episode where the world ends and the one guy who survives, an avid reader, has all the books he could ever wish to read and no glasses? Well that’s kind of what it’s like to have cap space when pretty much the rest of the NHL is capped out. […]

Senators: ‘We Didn’t Want Our Fans to See Us Like This’

Don’t worry if you missed last night’s Blackhawks-Senators game. Apparently a lot of Canadians did, too, as the game was shown on the not-widely-available TSN2. Can you imagine if the Blackhawks still didn’t broadcast their home games? This might have been a game practically unseen by anyone outside of the United Center. Obviously, the Senators […]

Very Neat, Well-Organized (Coaching) Seconds

We always talk about the NHL coaching carousel but some coaches do seem to evolve. Chicago coach Joel Quenneville, who always seemed a little too player friendly to me, has taken to benching players and it seems to be working. Colorado’s Tony Granato, who replaced Quenneville in Colorado after being replaced by Quenneville (an extreme […]

Shanahan Needs A Home. Still.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. I’ve been on the phone with Richard Simmons since Friday, so I’m feeling much better. You know who’s not feeling so well? Brendan Shanahan. It seems all of the teams that might have wanted him are now playing so well, they really don’t need him. The Flyers are […]

Avs Find Goaltending But Lose Everything Else

The Avs lost 4-1 to the Flames last night, with one unlikely hero emerging for Colorado: the much maligned goalie Peter Budaj. Adrian Dater said it might be the worst Avs game he’s ever seen. Budaj at least kept it close. The Avs can’t expect the calvary to come any time soon: there’s no update […]

Nothing But Staal

I’d love to know the Versus ratings on last night’s Red Wings/Penguins game. It seemed liked everyone was watching it. The Wings blew a three-goal lead and were pretty much single-handedly beaten by Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal. Staal has a lot of offensive talent for a natural shut-down center and he struggles with balancing the offense […]

Tough Times in Dallas and Colorado

So the wheels really seem to be falling off the Sean Avery Experiment in Dallas. This week’s mailbag with Stars beatwriter Mike Heika is practically all questions from fans asking about how and why Avery is ruining the team. Heika is very good about not putting the Stars troubles on Avery, but Avery’s salary does […]