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NHL GMs Go Hollywood and Embrace the Reboot

Here in the United States, we seem to be in a period where we’re enthralled by the idea of a reboot, with reboot defined as the reconceptualization of a previously developed idea. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies were popular but to breathe new life into the character, the franchise is getting rebooted, giving a slightly […]

Note to Luongo: Sometimes It Takes a Village of Goalies

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo shouldn’t be nervous about tonight’s game seven against the Chicago Blackhawks. He shouldn’t be embarrassed about earning tonight’s start because Cory Schneider, the backup who replaced him in game six is hurt (but feeling better). Everyone wants to be the goalie who dominates his way through the playoffs. Everyone wants […]

Vancouver Canucks Have to Mind the (Defensive) Gap

The Blackhawks have played their post-season perfectly. Shutout in game one, they lost two close games before turning on the heat in games four and five. Chicago lulled the Vancouver into a false sense of security. No one looks more surprised than Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo, who wound up pulled in games four and five. […]

Shame Might Be Only Cure for Chicago’s Hangover

Photo by bridgetds There are a lot of theories about why the Blackhawks are struggling this season. There are the players they lost in the off-season. There’s coach Joel Quenneville’s constant line juggling. There’s the team’s lack of intensity, especially against lesser opponents. But in general, you can file all of the problems under Stanley […]

Blackhawks Surviving Without Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa

It’s amazing how many factors are interrelated in a hockey game. Take the Blackhawks. They’re playing without Patrick Kane and Marian Hossa (both are expected out at least until after Christmas), yet so far, Chicago is managing to win without the two stars. Apparently, the Blackhawks are 3-2-1 with both players out of the lineup, […]

Patrick Kane and Ilya Kovalchuk Make Third Line a Destination Line

It’s looking like the third line is the place to be for NHL stars. Chicago’s Patrick Kane practiced with the third line yesterday (with Dave Bolland and Viktor Stalberg), presumably to help him remember his defensive responsibilities, but also to get his offense going, too. Over in New Jersey, Ilya Kovalchuk is playing with Jamie […]

Blackhawks Once Again Enjoying Some Goalie Drama; Also, Sky is Blue

You have to respect the Blackhawks. Sure, there’s that whole Stanley Cup thing. But also, there’s their never-ending goaltending controversy. The goalies change, but the drama doesn’t. The Blackhawks never have a cut-and-dried starting goalie. It looked like Marty Turco had the starting job after he was signed in the off-season (and after Cristobal Huet […]

Red Wings Turn to Experience as Blackhawks Turn Away

The other day, I wrote about how Cup-winning experience is actually a good thing. The Blackhawks’ summer payroll purge has resulted in a Cup-winning team jettisoning a decent part of its Cup-winning experience. And that could wind up being a fatal mistake for Chicago. Obviously, a lot of the experience purge is due to salary […]

Cup-Winning Experience Is Actually a Good Thing

Winning the Stanley Cup is like being in a fraternity. It’s a little bit of a job hook-up device. Players who had any kind of significant role in winning the Cup are usually more likely to get jobs or traded for. The idea is that if a team is making a Cup run, GMs want […]

Bruins Should Have Signed Blake Wheeler Weeks Ago

Blake Wheeler’s arbitration hearing with the Bruins is set for this morning. Wheeler, heading into just his third NHL season, has been remarkably mature and solid. He seems to have found a groove as a 20ish goals per season player, who helps out on special teams and can handle plenty of minutes. For whatever reason, […]