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Halpern Returns to DC

Not that he’s horribly objective, but Jeff Halpern expects the Lightning to be much more successful this year. Tarik El-Bashir caught up with him in DC and it’s interesting to hear Halpern talk about how hard it was for him to leave the Caps. Halpern also talks about the pressures of being in a contract […]

KHL is Natural; Esche’s Stardom? Not So Much

Every few months, I tend to think the KHL is making inroads into eventually overtaking the NHL. Yesterday’s reported signing of Nik Zherdev is a blow to the NHL in that if Zherdev didn’t have the KHL out, he probably would have worked harder on his NHL game. Zherdev might not ever reach his full […]

Kane Tips and Zherdev Walks

I’m really not too interested in the Patrick Kane cabdriver altercation story, because there’s really no way to know what went down in that cab. And I’m not sure we ever will know. But Chris Kuc has an interesting post remembering Kane interacting with another cabbie, leaving the driver with a huge tip. Obviously, one […]

Honoring the Fog; Trading Hindsight

This weekend, Tim Panaccio had a great piece on the great Freddy Shero, who for whatever reason, isn’t in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Coach Shero was innovative, yet complicated. He was very old school, even for the 1970s, yet he was always ready to embrace a new idea. Panaccio says Shero might not be […]

The Curious Tweets of Martin Havlat

I like the NHL offseason because it sometimes turns into high school. Like Dale Tallon gets whacked in Chicago, and Martin Havlat jumps on Twitter to drop some cryptic messages: I guess everyone saw what happened to Dale….yes, the story is starting to come out but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. What are […]

Senators Lose Leverage and Increase Demands

There’s a lot I don’t get about the Dany Heatley ransom demands. Like why are the Oilers so hot for a player who so obviously doesn’t want to play for them? Are they only interested because they know he’ll demand a trade in another two seasons? Do they think they can change him? And as […]

Dallas Finally Goes With Solo GM

I love Joe Nieuwendyk taking over as GM in Dallas. First of all, just the move to a single GM model is pretty huge for the Stars. That alone makes this a great move. But you also have to love Nieuwendyk’s pedigree. He’s a player who knows how to win. Not only did he win […]

Stanley Cup Deja Vu

So this year’s Stanley Cup finals will be a rematch of last year’s. The Blackhawks magical run through the post-season finally ended last night. It’s interesting how close the Detroit-Chicago series actually was. Chicago had a decent chance to win games two and five. Another season or so of experience and the Blackhawks might have […]

Everyone Left in Western Conference Barely Breathing

What can you say about “Evgeni Malkin’s performance last night? There were stretches where he looked downright Ovechkin-esque, doing everything but playing goal. And shoving Sidney Crosby. He’ll get there, though. I thought Malkin’s potential seemed to have plateaued, but after last night’s game, I’m curious just how much he’s capable of. Over in the […]

Blackhawks Will or Won’t Win the Series

Over in Chicago, Dan McNeil is already writing the 2008-09 Blackhawks’ eulogy. I guess he doesn’t want to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon if they lose to Detroit. Len Ziehm is a bit more optimistic, writing some ways the ‘Hawks might mount a comeback. Also, speaking of Chicago, former Blackhawk goalie Glenn Hall […]