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Blackhawks Down But Not Out; Upcoming Goalie Extractions

The Blackhawks are now down two games in the Western Conference finals, but they really look better each game, even though they’ve yet to notch a win. Last night, Chicago lost on a brutal Brian Campbell turnover, but the Wings haven’t quite looked like themselves in the series. It’s never a great sign when Dan […]

Penguins Win with Lucky Seven

Ha! The Penguins are really selling the seven defenseman concept. Philippe Boucher, the Penguins seventh defenseman scored last night’s game-winning goal. This is par for the course for the Hurricanes, though. They’ve lost game one of every playoff game this season. Tonight is game two of Detroit-Chicago. The Blackhawks aren’t hitting the panic button yet, […]

Isles: ‘Our Pick Is Your Pick’

Greg Logan has a great post on Michael Farber taking Islanders GM Garth Snow to task for letting fans vote on who the Islanders should draft with the first overall pick. First of all, I don’t think Snow is actually letting the fans decide. I look at it as more of a straw poll. But […]

Bettman: ‘I Should Have Wished For More Wishes’

I love when people say hockey is a team sport and one person really never has the ability to dominate a game, unlike the NBA. If anyone says that, show them last night’s Caps-Pens game, where Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin each had a hat trick. It’s funny to watch Washington play Pittsburgh so well […]

Sharks: ‘Wait. There’s More Than One Round? Is that New?’

How can you not be impressed by the poise and maturity of the Chicago Blackhawks? Going into Calgary in game seven, you would think a young team like Chicago would collapse under the pressure and expectations. Instead, they went in and won the first round of the playoffs. The Blackhawks were aided by Calgary playing […]

Coaches Learn to Play the Hot Hand

In a lot of ways, it’s kind of a relief for a coach to be down 4-1 in a game. It frees the coach up to make riskier decisions, since the game is pretty much gone anyway. Last night, down 4-1 to the Flames, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville rode his third and fourth line to […]

Ovechkin Passes

Everyone made a big deal about Alex Ovechkin sitting on the Caps bench to watch the Rangers practice before game three. Maybe he caught some of a passing drill and decided he wanted to pass the puck, too. After spending the first two games almost pathologically refusing to pass up a shot, Ovechkin spent game […]

Havlat Still a Hawk

Be honest. How many people even remembered Martin Havlat still played for the Blackhawks? I think even people in the Blackhawks organization didn’t remember Havlat was on their roster. Now, it’s tough to forget, given his two huge goals in a 3-2 win over the Flames. Chicago basically held on against Calgary, but it was […]

Islanders Reborn? Goalies For Sale

When I saw the Isles won the draft lottery, my first thought was that the NHL should step in and not let them trade it, as the Islanders are a little bit like Jack from JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. If any other GM offers them some beans for the pick, the Islanders are all in. […]

Free the All-Stars

I just can’t get psyched for the All-Star Game. I don’t see what separates it from a pre-season game. Obviously, at this time of year, teams, like the Blackhawks, need a break from the grind of the NHL season. But couldn’t the league just stagger a break, so half of the NHL is off for […]