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Put Columbus Coach Scott Arniel Out of His Misery

Scott Arniel has got to go in Columbus. Not because his coaching is the reason his team has been awful. Not because of this weekend’s embarrassing 9-2 loss to the Flyers. But because the team has obviously checked out on him. With just two wins and an overtime loss, the Blue Jackets have five points […]

Chemistry Between Gaborik and Richards Isn’t a Given

The most interesting thing about the Brad Richards signing in New York is the assumption that he’ll click with Marian Gaborik. The assumption is so prevalent, the only question people seem to be asking is who’ll play left wing on the Richards-Gaborik line. But I think we need to take a step back. Because just […]

Purge of Flyers Helps Team Shed Salary and Talent

The thing that worries me about Philadelphia’s crazy purge of two of their best players, is that I can kind of understand what Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren was trying to accomplish. Holmgren wanted to sign goalie Ilya Bryzgalov but the Flyers were capped out. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter both had no-trade clauses that would […]

Guy Boucher Chooses Tampa Lightning

A lot of NHL teams are making the most of the Stanley Cup intermission. The Blue Jackets hired Scott Arniel after getting turned down by Guy Boucher. Arniel is an AHL coach who was in the mix for the Oilers coaching job before it went to Pat Quinn. Boucher reportedly turned down the Columbus job […]

Guy Boucher Not the Right Fit for Blue Jackets

Most hockey teams have two variables: players and coaching. If you have good players and a good coach, you’re most likely going to have a good team. It’s tougher to be successful with only good coaching or good players. But you also have to factor in the type of coach. Some coaches are very good, […]

Tocchet and Hitchcock Try to Turn Things Around

When a GM supports a coach, that’s usually the surest sign the coach is about to be fired. Down in Tampa, GM Brian Lawton is supporting coach Rick Tocchet, even as the team struggles to find consistency. One thing that’s forgotten about Tocchet is that he’s a new coach with an inexperienced coching staff. Rookie […]

Big Goalie Night

Last night was kind of interesting. There were 10 games played, with four shutouts. Goalies Steve Mason (CBJ), Ryan Miller (BUF), Ty Conklin (backup; STL), and Nik Backstrom (MIN) each kept the red light off behind them. So is this a sign defense is back in the NHL? Is the NHL reverting to its pre-lockout […]

Columbus Discovers Long Hair and Logan’s Run

Jake Voracek of the Columbus Blue Jackets seems like an awesome guy. He’s got long 70s hair and a love of 80s music. Coach Ken Hitchcock says Voracek is on the verge of becoming an elite player, although when Hitchcock says that, I kind of wonder if he means Voracek is some kind of amazing […]

Flyers Continue to Find Penalties; Rick Nash Finds a Center

The Flyers continue to take penalties like they’re water breaks. It’s something that made them the league’s most penalized team last season. It’s something that makes a long, grinding season even more difficult. And it’s something that will haunt the Flyers as long as they gravitate toward mean, thuggish players. Dan Carcillo has been taking […]

Humor In (an NHL) Uniform

It’s corn Friday. Sorry! Buccigross’ ‘Heatley will be a Shark’ call is just a big misunderstanding: he’s talking about an upcoming Ottawa production of WESTSIDE STORY. Also, don’t miss Jason Spezza as Maria. The Sabres released photos of the commemorative bricks from the Aud, which they’ll be selling. So the Sabres will hold onto bricks […]