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Blue Jackets Keep It Real in Training Camp; Ducks Keep It Real Fiscally Responsible

The various owners of the Columbus Blue Jackets are drafting teams made up of training camp players and having a tournament. Coach Ken Hitchcock is all over this as he says it will give him a better way to evaluate more players — players who might not even be on his radar. I’m not sure […]

The Non-Winners

Sometimes, during the playoffs, it’s nice to check-in on what the losing teams are up to. For instance, Jim Kelley has a great piece reminding HabNation not to give up on goalie Carey Price after his brutal playoff performance. Kelley points out it takes a while for a great goalie to emerge and uses Roberto […]

Everyone Do What Detroit’s Doing

Wow. Poor Columbus. They’ve looked like a deer in headlights against Detroit. The only thing remotely working for the Blue Jackets is R.J. Umberger, who’s scored all of their playoff goals and two of their three points. Columbus goalie Steve Mason is having problems dealing with all of the Red Wing traffic in front of […]

Haunted Goalie Masks

So after settling down for a brief period in February, Dallas goalie Marty Turco seems to be regressing, getting pulled in the first period last night, his second hook in six starts. Unsurprisingly, Dallas lost to the Blues, tightening the Western Conference playoff race even more. Dallas coach Dave Tippett told Bill Nichols before the […]

Blue Jackets Learn Patience; Tampa Not So Much

The youth movement is going well in Columbus, with lots of rookies stepping up to help the team. Columbus isn’t a powerhouse, but they’re right on the playoff bubble. And people are noticing the team has something going on; attendance and TV ratings are up for the team. The Blue Jackets have always relied on […]

A Night Out with Coach Ken

While I applaud Columbus’ ingenuity in allowing fans to pay for tickets in installments, what does it say that you need an installment plan to have a few days or nights out at a hockey game? The Blue Jackets play in Ohio, a severely depressed state. The fans are there, but they’re not going to […]

Parrish a Star

Mark Parrish is joining the Dallas Stars, presumably to provide some offense and some defensive responsibility to the struggling team. Goalie Marty Tuco will be happy to have another defense-oriented player playing in front of him. I also suspect the Stars wanted a new character guy in the room, as the team seems to be […]

Blackhawks Win With Wrong Goalie

What are the Blackhawks going to do? They got their first win of the season last night, with “backup” Nikolai Khabibulin in goal. While the Chicago victory had a lot more to do with the offense finally clicking and defenseman Brian Campbell shaking himself out of an early malaise, Khabibulin had a very strong game. […]

Modin: ‘Ouch!’

Trottier Ready to Return to Coaching?