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Darwin: ‘Hull Evolved More Than Most’

Tim Panaccio took a quick look back at Brett Hull’s career. That amazing wrist shot from the circle? It was actually his dad, Bobby Hull’s, idea. Which is shocking, since Bobby Hull is synonymous with the slapshot. But the elder Hull said the quicker NHL game required a quicker shot. It’s funny how we’ve come […]

Some NHL GMs Already Prepared to Surrender

What a crazy season. Jeff Gordon says he’s already hearing trade chatter from certain NHL GMs, with many already thinking about giving up their season and trying to dump salary. What separates NHL GMs from most other sports, is that NHL GMs only seem to think about salary implications after a contract is signed. Vinny […]

Blues and Lightning Looking For Earlier Goals

After the lockout, everyone talked about the new NHL, and how a premium would be placed on offense. In the new NHL, we were told speed and talent would matter. Players would be free to actually play, and wouldn’t spend entire periods with sticks embedded in their abdomens. It seems that crazy-sounding idea continues to […]

No Lighthouse at the End of the Islanders Tunnel

The Long Island Press is reporting Charles Wang, owner of the Isles, has walked away from the Lighthouse project, apparently feeling it would never get done. The project would have resulted in a new arena for the Isles. One interesting, if completely unconfirmed, wrinkle is Sam Fischler’s assertion during last night’s Rangers game that the […]

Lemaire Opens Things Up…Perhaps Too Much

The start of the season is tough, because you always want to make grand statements about teams when you’re really just working off of a small data set. Watching last night’s Rangers-Devils, on Versus (I’m one of the 50 people left with Versus), I was very impressed by the Devils. They didn’t look like a […]

Bylsma Lowering Expectations

I like when training camp starts because it puts a real spotlight on coaches as everyone tries to figure out if successful coaches will be able to maintain their pace and if unsuccessful coaches will manage to turn things around. Penguins coach Dan Bylsma would probably be considered a successful coach, what with his Stanley […]

Give Up a Goal, Get a Coach

The Stars have an interesting approach to goalie Marty Turco. Since they seem to feel they can’t replace him, they’re just throwing more and more coaching at him. Relatively hot on the heels of the news Turco is going to spend more time working with goalie coach/synthesist Andy Moog, comes news the Stars have added […]

Sabres Ghosts

I’m shocked the Blues are going to waive defenseman Jay McKee. Mostly, because he was so injured during his time in St. Louis, he usually wasn’t much of a factor for the team. I thought they’d want to get some return on their investment during the last year of his contract. The Blues are capped […]

The Non-Winners

Sometimes, during the playoffs, it’s nice to check-in on what the losing teams are up to. For instance, Jim Kelley has a great piece reminding HabNation not to give up on goalie Carey Price after his brutal playoff performance. Kelley points out it takes a while for a great goalie to emerge and uses Roberto […]

Everyone Do What Detroit’s Doing

Wow. Poor Columbus. They’ve looked like a deer in headlights against Detroit. The only thing remotely working for the Blue Jackets is R.J. Umberger, who’s scored all of their playoff goals and two of their three points. Columbus goalie Steve Mason is having problems dealing with all of the Red Wing traffic in front of […]