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Save the Owners From Themselves. Again.

John Grigg has a great piece looking at how much teams are spending on buyouts. The most startling stat he reveals is that Alexei Yashin is the second-highest paid Islander, even though Yashin now plays in the KHL. It just serves as a reminder that the NHL, as well as other sports leagues, can either […]

Kovalchuk Slumming; U.S. Economy Bumming

Here are some quick thoughts: Ilya Kovalchuk has got to love playing on a line with Marty Reasoner and Chris Thorburn. When I think playmaking, I think Reasoner, who’s never had more than 20 assists in a season. I get that Kovalchuk is a mess in the defensive zone, but I’m not sure if taking […]

Everyone Loves Krog

Let’s Not Go to the Video Tape

Rangers Take a Stand

Nothing Less Than Perfect

New Year Baby: ‘Who’s Watching the NHL Store?’

New Year Baby: ‘Who’s Watching the NHL Store?’

Milbury Finally Makes Sense

NHL: ‘Dribble the Puck, Boys!’