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Note to Luongo: Sometimes It Takes a Village of Goalies

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo shouldn’t be nervous about tonight’s game seven against the Chicago Blackhawks. He shouldn’t be embarrassed about earning tonight’s start because Cory Schneider, the backup who replaced him in game six is hurt (but feeling better). Everyone wants to be the goalie who dominates his way through the playoffs. Everyone wants […]

NHL Stakeholders Have a Lot of Thoughts to Share

Zdeno Chara’s controversial hit on Max Pacioretty is showing how many boundaries are blurring between the NHL and external parties. The NHL, like just about every sports league, has aggressively pursued advertising opportunities, essentially putting the league in business with its advertising partners. The league gets money from these deals and the advertisers get exposure […]

For Some Players, Less (Salary) Is More

Photo by Anna Enriquez It’s no surprise Scott Gomez is getting called out in Montreal for his salary. Salary creates expectations. And in a salary cap environment, this is especially true, since every dollar going to one player is not available for another player. So when a player like Gomez underperforms, not only is he […]

Evgeni Nabokov a Victim of Stanley Cup Finals Goaltending

San Jose goaltender Evgeni Nabokov was a victim of this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. First of all, these playoffs allowed Nabokov to once again show he’s not a big-game goalie. He just wasn’t very strong. But also, watching goalies like Ryan Miller and Roberto Luongo fail to carry their teams had to register with Sharks […]

Habs Beat Flyers Like Flyers Beat Habs

I loved last night’s Montreal win over the Flyers. In the first two games of the series, I noticed Montreal’s defensemen trying to break-up plays up near the circles. They wanted to stop the Flyers and get the puck out as quickly as possible, which makes sense. But the Flyers are so quick and shifty […]

Flyers and Habs Making Game Two Adjustments

The Canadiens and Flyers are both in adjustment mode. Even though Philadelphia won big in game one of the Eastern Conference finals, they’re still looking at what they can improve upon, knowing Montreal probably will be a tougher team tonight. For instance, they’re trying to figure a way around all of that Montreal shot-blocking. Over […]

Penguins Need a Goalie Upgrade

It’s never fair to lay a team’s fortunes at the feet of their goalie since while the goalie is an important position, a lot of factors go into wins and losses. For instance, Pittsburgh couldn’t get past Montreal, last night and in the series, for a few reasons. Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak was super hot. […]

To Win a Cup, Capitals Must Become the Red Wings East

[picappgallerysingle id=”8653547″] For all of the talk about the new NHL, with its speed and its goal-scoring, the reality is that the playoffs are very much the old NHL, with its hooking and its defense and its checking. The Flyers and Bruins made it into the second round of the playoffs playing pre-lockout NHL hockey, […]

Briere: ‘Good Lines Come in Small Packages’

Tim Panaccio looked at some of the line combinations coming out of Flyers training camp. It looks like Claude Giroux is going to spend a lot of time with Daniel Briere, making for a fast, dynamic, and small line. The interesting (and unsurprising) thing is, is that Briere doesn’t see size as an issue, pointing […]

What Glen Sather Learned from Donnie Walsh

When you run a sports team in a media-centric city like New York, there aren’t a lot of places to hide if your team isn’t successful. Sure some, most notably the Yankees’ Joe Torre when he coached here, could parlay past success into a fairly consistent waiver from criticism, but other than that, if you’re […]