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Bettman: ‘I Should Have Wished For More Wishes’

I love when people say hockey is a team sport and one person really never has the ability to dominate a game, unlike the NBA. If anyone says that, show them last night’s Caps-Pens game, where Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin each had a hat trick. It’s funny to watch Washington play Pittsburgh so well […]

Sedins: ‘We Are the Cap’

Tim Panaccio says the Sedin twins are supposedly looking for $7 million each per season. I don’t begrudge anyone their money, but what team can afford $14 million for two players? Someone needs to explain the salary cap system to the twins. Unless they’re no longer that into playing with each other. Maybe that’s the […]

Sundin Heading West; Wings Are Not Scared

I’m sorry but I think Mats Sundin is a little crazy. This week he was in New York, huddling with the Rangers, making it seem like his signing was inevitable. And then, of course, he signed with the Canucks. In New York, the beat writers seem to believe the X factor was a dollar sign. […]

Julien Discovers Joys of Offense

People talk about the defensive play of the Bruins, but one of the things that seems to make them such a great team is their ability to shift gears. When coach Claude Julien switches on the offense, it’s a very impressive thing to watch. The Bruins can be very aggressive in transition and forecheck as […]

Fall Back…On Trade Rumors

Trade rumors are finally starting up again. The one thing I hate about the start of the NHL season is that there aren’t a lot of rumors as everyone pretty much stands pat to see what they’re dealing with: The Ducks, Canucks, and Rangers are all still interested in Mats Sundin. I don’t see how […]

Sakic Re-signs; Sundin Quagmire Continues

Flames: ‘We Signed Some New Players. A Few Weeks Ago…’

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