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Loose Caps Are A Feature, Not a Bug

I was very intrigued by Matt Bradley’s comments about Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau and the tone of his team’s locker room: I think our locker room was maybe a little bit too nonchalant, and guys weren’t disciplined the way they should have been. Tarik El-Bashir followed-up on Bradley’s comments and was met with a […]

Without Ovechkin’s Trust, Boudreau Has Nothing

It looks like Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau’s job is safe. At least until next season starts. But Boudreau is going to have a tough job next year. There are basically two theories floating around about how the Capitals were swept by the Lightning: The Capitals were outplayed. The Capitals were outcoached. Tarik El-Bashir says […]

Capitals Spending Too Much Time Chasing Lightning

With the Washington Capitals down two games to none in their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, I have a suggestion for the Caps: don’t chase the Lightning in the defensive zone. For all of the talk about how system-oriented and defensive Tampa coach Guy Boucher’s 1-3-1 system is, once the Lightning enters the offensive […]

Note to Luongo: Sometimes It Takes a Village of Goalies

Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo shouldn’t be nervous about tonight’s game seven against the Chicago Blackhawks. He shouldn’t be embarrassed about earning tonight’s start because Cory Schneider, the backup who replaced him in game six is hurt (but feeling better). Everyone wants to be the goalie who dominates his way through the playoffs. Everyone wants […]

Someone Tell Bruce Boudreau His Team Was Winning Its Series

When a coach’s team is in trouble, he’ll typically do or say something provocative or outlandish to draw media attention away from his team and their performance and onto himself. It’s a standard coaching move that’s common across sports. Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau worked that move yesterday, calling New York Rangers defenseman Marc Staal […]

Washington Capitals Need Ovechkin to Find Offense in Transition

Much has been made of Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau’s sudden conversion into the Church of Defensive Hockey. When the Capitals struggled during the regular season, Boudreau moved the team into a more defensive system and found consistency and success. And Boudreau hasn’t looked back, maintaining a defensive posture into the playoffs. So far it’s […]

Rangers Almost Steal Game One By Tricking Capitals

The New York Rangers tried to steal a game in Washington, last night. Ultimately, it didn’t work, as they lost in overtime, but Rangers coach John Tortorella almost pulled it off. Tortorella had the Rangers start off the first period and most of the second playing passive hockey. The defense didn’t pinch or get involved. […]

Bryan McCabe Makes Rangers Slightly Better, Which Is Actually Pretty Impressive

The New York Rangers were kind of smart in trading for defenseman Bryan McCabe. First of all, they didn’t give up very much. Just Tim Kennedy, who seems to have been accidentally been signed in the off-season and was never really given a shot to return to the NHL, and a third-round draft pick. In […]

Getting Adjectival with Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby

I love the new SPORTSCENTER commercial with Washington’s Alex Ovechkin and Semyon Varlamov: It’s funny, in that Ovechkin is caught doing some “late-night filing” and is jokingly accused of being a spy. The payoff is that he’s actually spying on ESPN, along with Varlamov, who helps Ovechkin escape. What’s interesting about the commercial is how […]

Winter Classic Should Prop Up Games That Need It

Not to be a jerk, but I’m just not too excited about this year’s Winter Classic. I’m a bit excited in that it’s the NHL’s time to shine in American sports, assuming the game actually gets played. The thing about the Winter Classic, though, is that while it has pomp and circumstance and gravitas and […]