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Gretzky Adds ‘But Not At Coaching’ Qualifier to His Nickname

So Wayne Gretzky finally quit as head coach of the Coyotes. In his resignation statement, Gretzky admitted neither team bidder wanted him to stick around as coach. The Coyotes promptly hired former Stars coach Dave Tippett to coach the team. Gretzky was obviously upset. If he cared about what either potential owner wanted, he would […]

Gretzky: ‘My System Is No System’

The Boston Globe caught up with new Bruins defenseman Derek Morris. It’s a pretty standard summary of his career, but there’s one part that’s especially interesting — Morris’ take on Wayne Gretzky, who coached him in Phoenix: We used two different systems [with the New York Rangers]. It was different. Much tighter gaps, a lot […]

NHL Needs an Owner Derby

I’m really not horribly interested in all of the Coyotes drama, but I’m more and more impressed by perennial non-owner Jim Balsillie’s ability to get under the skin of NHL owners. This week, we see Balsillie take on Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk with some good, old-fashioned financial compliance smack talk. I don’t know who […]

If Only…

One way you know it was a great game seven is that there just wasn’t much to say about it. It completely spoke for itself. The Penguins were flawless for two periods and strong enough for the third. Defenseman Brad Stuart, whose turnovers and pinching led to both game seven Penguin goals, says he’d like […]

Avs Search For Money Everywhere

It’s amazing what the struggles of the Phoenix Coyotes is flushing out. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s report the Panthers are firing TV analyst Denis Potvin to find someone who can give them more bang for their buck, Adrian Dater uses some back-of-the-envelope calculations to estimate what the Avs lost this season and says […]

Potvin Fired!

Last night we saw two game threes go into overtime, with each game ending 3-2. In Raleigh, the Bruins looked completely out of steam, yet still made it to OT before losing. In Pittsburgh, the Caps seemed to spend the whole game on the penalty kill. And while the penalty kill was strong, it prevented […]

The Hamilton BlackBerrys?

You have to pity the NHL. There were two game threes last night and this morning the big story has got to be the Phoenix Coyotes filing for bankruptcy. Jim “BlackBerry” Balsillie has an offer to buy the team on the table, provided the team moves to Ontario. The NHL is questioning the legality of […]

MacTavish: ‘Also, I Don’t Think His Car Is Legally Parked’

Wow. Last night Phoenix’s Al Montoya became the first Cuban-American to play in the NHL. Even better, he got a shutout. Montoya is a former first-round pick who’s never seemed particularly ready for the NHL, so it’s great he had such a strong game. Even if it was against a horrible team. A horrible team […]

‘Oh Wow. We Used Sticks in Tampa, Too.’

I enjoy checking in on players immediately after they were traded. It’s like watching someone at their first day of work: Mark Recchi hit the ground running in Boston. It helps that after he was traded to Carolina, they won the Cup. Shockingly, he spent some time in last night’s loss to Phoenix bouncing around […]

KC the New Hockeytown?

I kind of a have a feeling Kansas City is about to become a hot NHL city. Hot on the heels of the announcement the Islanders are going to play the Kings in an exhibition game in KC comes Wayne Gretzky’s confirmation the Coyotes are looking for new investors to help keep the team in […]