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Martin Brodeur Injured At A Very Helpful Time

Devils’ coach Peter DeBoer got a little bit of a break in Martin Brodeur getting slightly injured so early in the season. The Brodeur injury instantly grabbed the team’s attention, focusing them on winning without their franchise goalie, and took their minds off of last season’s horrible start. DeBoer has been doing a lot of […]

Parise or Kovalchuk Should Consider Switching Sides

I’m always amazed how NHL teams will let their rosters fall out of balance. For example, how did the Devils not consider the ramifications of investing so much in left wings? The Devils have a lot of money and talent in Ilya Kovalchuk and Zach Parise, both of whom play the left side. Last year, […]

NHLers Enjoy Aggressive Coaching Just As Much As Fans Do

After the last NHL lockout, the league put an emphasis on trying to take trapping out of hockey, saying that fans didn’t want to watch a team trap for three periods. So the league tweaked some rules and did what it could to put some more speed into the game. And for the most part […]

Next Devils’ Coach Might Want to Learn He’s Hired

I’m not quite sure why the Devils have yet to pick a new coach but my gut feeling is that it can’t be a good thing. After last season’s coaching misfire, with rookie NHL head coach John MacLean destroying the season, followed by former coach Jacques Lemaire returning to his old job, almost managing to […]

New Jersey Devils Should Consider a Coach Tasting

Jacques Lemaire, the Devils most recent coach, insists he is going to stay retired. This time. You might recall Lemaire came out of retirement to coach the Devils after John MacLean’s disastrous tenure as a rookie NHL head coach. There has been rumbling about Lemaire possibly coming back because of the tremendous job he did […]

New Jersey Devils Need One More Season with Coach Jacques Lemaire

It’s very good news for the New Jersey Devils that coach Jacques Lemaire is considering staying on another season. If Lemaire stays, it’ll give the team some consistency, letting the Devils build on the many successes of this season. Conversely, it’ll spare the team the growing pains of yet another new coach. Or in the […]

NHL Free Agency: ‘Don’t Count on Me to Save Your Team’

The Minnesota Wild are in an interesting position with defenseman Brent Burns. The career Wild defenseman’s contract expires after next season. Jim Souhan writes that Burns might command around $6 million per season on his next contract, meaning the Wild might need to choose between re-signing the streaky Burns and signing a new goal-scoring forward. […]

Rest Might be Secret Weapon for Chris Pronger and Sidney Crosby

It’s kind of scary to think how many teams might get serious upgrades for the playoffs. Chris Pronger is currently out for the Flyers, recovering from hand surgery, but he says he expects to be back for the playoffs (and perhaps even sooner). So basically, Pronger is resting up for the playoffs while he recovers […]

Slow Deadline Day Means NHL Is Healthy

On the one hand, yesterday’s trade deadline was a bit of a letdown in that there weren’t any huge and/or exciting deals. But maybe there’s a silver lining to the lack of big deals. Like how the lack of big trades was the result of so many teams being in playoff contention. There were very […]

Jacques Lemaire Should Have Left the Devils Broken

Photo by Francisco Diez You have to be impressed by the New Jersey Devils’ turnaround under new-old coach Jacques Lemaire. When he left at the end of last season, it seemed more like a mutual decision than Lemaire deciding to retire. As some of you may recall, Lemaire didn’t do a great job in the […]