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Devils Might Find Cap Relief Through Injury…Again

Adrian Dater is reporting the Devils might have found a way out of their cap troubles via yesterday’s Bryce Salvador injury. Dater says Salvador off of the Devils cap on the long-term injury might take some of the trade pressure off of the Devils, although even with Salvador off the books, they would still need […]

The Cost for Ilya Kovalchuk Increases Daily

Just how much is Ilya Kovalchuk costing the Devils? Obviously, there’s his 15-year/$100 million contract, which is pretty steep, just by itself. But there have been other costs. Like the fines and draft picks the NHL penalized the Devils for their first Kovalchuk contract, which was $102 million over 17 years and which the NHL […]

For Emergency Use Only: The NHL Embraces Insurance Players

A year really does make a huge difference in the NHL. A year ago, I would have read something like Tim Panaccio’s report on Philadelphia’s goalie glut and I would have thought: ‘That’s crazy! The Flyers need to dump some goalies at some point.’ But after last years playoffs, and even after the end of […]

NHLPA Might Be Rooting for Ilya Kovalchuk to Leave NHL

While Donald Fehr, the legendary head of Major League Baseball’s players union, hasn’t taken the NHLPA job quite yet, it seems like he’ll eventually accept the gig. It also seems like someone is working with the NHLPA to give them leverage moving into the next Collective Bargaining Negotiation. Otherwise, would Ilya Kovalchuk’s camp really be […]

Someone Remind Gary Bettman the Purpose of the NHL

With all of the Ilya Kovalchuk drama going on, it’s time to take a deep breath and ask a simple question: What is the business of the NHL? What is the NHL there to do? What does it make? I would argue the NHL makes hockey. The goal of the league is to allow players […]

Cost Certainty The NHL’s Great Punchline

You’ve got to appreciate the Kings’ willingness to get back on that Ilya Kovalchuk horse. The Kings are saying that if Kovalchuk’s Devils’ contract doesn’t work out, they might be interested in taking another shot at him. Minutes after Kovalchuk signed his Devils deal, the rhetoric coming out of his camp was that he always […]

Lightning and Devils Use Gagne and Kovalchuk to Show Different Approaches to Cap

It’s pretty perfect that Ilya Kovalchuk was signed to a massive contract by the Devils on the same day the Lightning traded for Simon Gagne. It shows the two styles of managing in the NHL. On the one hand, you have the Devils going for the expensive, long-term contract. In Kovalchuk’s case, it’s 17 years, […]

How Ilya Kovalchuk Should Have Handled Free Agency

As a public service to both Ilya Kovalchuk and hockey fans, I’m going to list some things Kovalchuk could have done to prevent his extended stay in NHL Free Agent Purgatory. Free Samples At the end of the 2007-08 season, Marian Hossa left Pittsburgh to sign a one-year deal with Detroit. Hossa could have gotten […]

Devils Really Don’t Need Ilya Kovalchuk

The Devils’ pursuit of Ilya Kovalchuk continues to reek of desperation. The signing wouldn’t make sense in so many ways, yet the Devils seem determined to sign him. First of all, there’s the cap space issue. The Devils will have to shed serious salary if they sign Kovalchuk. It’s hard enough to dump salary in […]

Lamoriello Has Devils Stuck in Past

I’m a little bit bummed the Devils re-acquired Jason Arnott. One thing that’s always impressed me about the Devils is that, for the most part, they hold no players sacred. The franchise respects talent, but more often than not, they’ve either traded it away or let it walk away. That’s because, more than players, GM […]