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Goalie Miikka Kiprusoff Needs Some Help From His Team

Photo by davidgsteadman The good news? Calgary Flames goalie Miikka Kiprusoff, pulled in two of his last three previous starts, managed to play the full 60 minutes against the Minnesota Wild. The bad news? Kiprusoff gave up six goals, including two on the first four shots. You have to give Flames’ coach Brent Sutter some […]

Is Jarome Iginla Running Out of Mainstream Fame Options?

So it seems that the Flames aren’t going to try and trade Jarome Iginla. On the one hand, I think it’s great. Iginla’s from Alberta. He loves Calgary. He wants to play for the Flames. The fans love him. It’s a great situation. I also think it’s great for the Flames. They’re obviously having an […]

Flames Are One Sutter Down with One to Go

Kevin Allen says Calgary’s trade of Brett Sutter, son of GM Darryl Sutter and recent bar fight participant, wasn’t about Brett so much as it was about clearing some of defenseman Ian White’s salary. Even if Brett wasn’t the main reason for that trade, it’s a great first step for a franchise that is way […]

Rangers Need More Experience and Less Salary On Their Blue Line

Rangers fans love to talk about the Wade Redden contract because it’s such an insanely messed up situation. If they didn’t talk about it, an ulcer might eat through their very souls. I just read the Flames are over the cap and rumors are starting to bubble up about Robin Regehr maybe being on the […]

Calgary Flames Trying to Improve Their Mental Game

An interesting tidbit out of the Flames’ development camp: they’ve hired a mental development coach (Dave Paskevich). I’m not sure if this was Darryl Sutter’s call, or if it was made for Sutter, but it indicates that someone in the organization thinks that the Calgary flaws aren’t necessarily talent-related. Earlier this month, I suggested Sutter […]

Sutter Might Be Re-Visiting Failure to Prove He Was Actually Right

Of all of yesterday’s free agent signings, Calgary’s were easily the most perplexing. GM Darryl Sutter basically re-signed some of the Flames’ more notoriously poor signings, giving deals to Olli Jokinen (2 years/$6 million) and Alex Tanguay (1 year/$1.7 million). Jokinen was traded out of Calgary last season, so basically Sutter took on some bad […]

NHL Should Let Stars Shine Not Manage

In graduate school I took a management course where we had to read canonical leadership books (most of which seemed to come from the 1960s and 70s). I read THE PETER PRINCIPLE, which maintains that every employee within an organization rises to their level of incompetence. It sounds cynical, but the logic is that someone […]

Is Jason Spezza’s Contract the Immovable Object?

Do you know how you know the NHL season is winding down? Sure, you have the final round of the playoffs about to start. But you also have Ottawa stuck with a player they maybe/possibly don’t want. This year, it’s Jason Spezza, whose contract and one-way offensive style make him pretty much unmoveable. Apparently, many […]

Don’t Blow-Up the Calgary Flames…Yet

George Johnson is not messing around this morning, calling for the Calgary Flames, officially out of the playoffs, to be blown-up. Johnson is serious. He says he suspects Jarome Iginla will be moved during the off-season and calls the season Darryl Sutter’s failure. I get that Johnson is upset but it’s tough to autopsy a […]

Flames Might Be Haunted By Family Drama

I continue to be shocked by the performance of Calgary coach Brent Sutter. He was masterful with the Devils last season. Now, working almost a whole season with a relatively talented Flames’ team, the Flames look like they’re going to miss the playoffs. Not helping things is last night’s huge loss to the Islanders. Sutter […]