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Trapping Isn’t Tantrum-worthy

Jaromir Jagr Looking Downright Contemporary for Flyers

I’m shocked by how good Jaromir Jagr has looked for the Flyers. When he left the NHL in 2008, he looked exhausted. He was playing for a coach who didn’t mind static, half-court offensive sets without much stretch-passing or speed, but the league was changing around Jagr and around the Rangers. It was becoming harder […]

Are the Flyers Getting Nervous About Jaromir Jagr?

I was a little surprised to hear the Flyers have invited Michael Nylander to training camp on a tryout. Signed by the Caps in 2007, he never quite clicked anywhere and found himself playing out his contract in the AHL. While in the AHL, he injured a vertabra in his neck and had what many […]

Sharks and Flyers Fix What’s Not Broken in Search of Cup

The most interesting part of last week’s roster moves (and this weekend’s) was that two very successful NHL teams were willing to dramatically reinvent themselves, even though the previous season’s versions of the teams were successful. Both the Philadelphia Flyers and San Jose Sharks, two teams that, had some things gone just a little bit […]

Purge of Flyers Helps Team Shed Salary and Talent

The thing that worries me about Philadelphia’s crazy purge of two of their best players, is that I can kind of understand what Flyers’ GM Paul Holmgren was trying to accomplish. Holmgren wanted to sign goalie Ilya Bryzgalov but the Flyers were capped out. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter both had no-trade clauses that would […]

Bruins Might Be Wishing Sabres Had Played Better

I have to admit I’m not totally looking forward to the Boston Bruins-Philadelphia Flyers second round matchup. Between Boston’s defensive crouch and Philadelphia’s often overly physical play, I’m concerned there won’t be too much skating or movement. Also, both teams have pretty bad power plays going right now. And factor in that the Flyers have […]

To Beat Ryan Miller, Flyers Need to Channel Their Inner Pronger

Before last night’s Philadelphia Flyers-Buffalo Sabres match-up, I thought the Flyers were the deeper team. But after watching them actually play the game, they seem pretty evenly matched. Buffalo wound up winning, but it could have just as easily been Philadelphia. A lot of that was because you had two strong goalies putting on great […]

NHL GMs Forget They’re Competing With Each Other

So this is where I get a little confused. All the NHL owners have ever wanted is parity. The lockout was about finding a mechanism to bring parity to the league. And the salary cap has instilled parity throughout the league. And the NHL is super proud of the parity. This is an NHL email […]

Rest Might be Secret Weapon for Chris Pronger and Sidney Crosby

It’s kind of scary to think how many teams might get serious upgrades for the playoffs. Chris Pronger is currently out for the Flyers, recovering from hand surgery, but he says he expects to be back for the playoffs (and perhaps even sooner). So basically, Pronger is resting up for the playoffs while he recovers […]

Avs Need Fresh Blood to Stop the Losing

Photo by BradJones9 If you’re a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, you’re probably used to emotional highs and lows. Just two seasons ago, they finished dead last in the West while last season saw the Avs clinch the eighth seed and then exit in the first round. This season, after a strong start, the Avs […]