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NHL: There’s Nothing a Regular Season Gimmick Can’t Fix

Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Farber had an interesting look at John Collins, the NHL’s chief operating officer. Collins came from the NFL and is credited with making the NHL more event-driven, coming up with ideas like hyping the annual outdoor game, starting the season in Europe, and making the All-Star game a sort of real-life fantasy […]

Time For NHL to Treat All Players Like People, Regardless of Role

Over in New Jersey, Todd Fedoruk is trying to survive the pressures of addiction and an NHL comeback, as he works to catch on with the Canucks. Fedoruk is a 32-year-old enforcer who was out of hockey last season while he worked on some personal issues. Down in Tampa, Steven Stamkos is trying to establish […]

You’ll Never Get 3:45 for Tripping

One of the few nice things about a minor penalty, like a hooking call, is the duration is always a given. The hook could be a minor infraction or a bold water-skiing-like take down, and either way, the responsible party is always going to get two minutes. It’s simple, yet effective. There’s no judgement required. […]

Player Safety Begins with Control

I have one major objection to Mario Lemieux’s plan to fine teams whose players are suspended. Lemieux says his plan would make teams accountable for the actions of their players. And that’s the problem. The league needs to make players accountable for their own actions. I’m reading H.A. Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching (because […]

Slow Deadline Day Means NHL Is Healthy

On the one hand, yesterday’s trade deadline was a bit of a letdown in that there weren’t any huge and/or exciting deals. But maybe there’s a silver lining to the lack of big deals. Like how the lack of big trades was the result of so many teams being in playoff contention. There were very […]

How Women’s Lacrosse Might Help Protect NHL Players

Photo by micdsphotos Today’s Times has an interesting piece about women’s lacrosse: Although some safety advocates call for head protection in women’s lacrosse, almost everyone involved in the sport has said that its current ban on helmets for everyone but goaltenders is actually the safest approach. People around women’s lacrosse say helmets might make the […]

The Return of Trapping Isn’t All Bad

Photo by Cindy Andrie Darren Eliot is complaining that more NHL teams are returning to the dreaded neutral zone trap. Eliot’s hypothesis is that after a brief glory period for stretch pass driven hockey, more and more NHL coaches are returning to the safer trap: The eyeball test tells me the game is now backsliding […]

Fun with YouTube and Colored Hockey League Apparel Project

Some readers sent me links to YouTube videos and these two are actually pretty cool: This is Elvis at the Winter Classic. It’s funny because the impersonator is a funny guy, but it’s also funny because I don’t understand why he’s dressed like Elvis. This is a video showing the evolution of video game hockey. […]

Mighty Morphin’ NHL Stars

This is a cool video featuring the faces of Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Teemu Sellane, and Henrik Zetterberg being morphed into a new Soviet player. The transformation takes place using Photoshop and it’s pretty amazing: Merrill Kazanjian, the artist, has a YouTube channel here (although, sadly, he doesn’t work exclusively with hockey players).

For Many, Hartford Whalers Represent the Final Days of a Better NHL

Is Hartford Whalers gear outselling a significant proportion of active NHL team merchandise? It depends who you ask. According to a vendor who’s a major Whaler seller, Whaler gear is in the top five nationally. According to the NHL, Whaler gear is popular, but they won’t rank it against other NHL teams. The Whalers are […]