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Goaltenders Need Protection From Their Teammates

Kerry Fraser had a big piece on TSN about how Brendan Shanahan blew it by not suspending Milan Lucic for his hit on goalie Ryan Miller. Fraser says that without a Lucic suspension, it’s going to be open season on goalies: Players (and more importantly goalies) would know that the League still considers them endangered […]

Islanders Still Dream of a Healthy Rick DiPietro

Yesterday’s New York Post had a nice, long profile of New York Islander goalie Rick DiPietro. DiPietro is perhaps best known for signing a 15-year contract in 2006, putting together two very strong seasons, and then spending the next three seasons being perpetually injured. DiPietro is once again trying to get his career on track, […]

NHL GMs Go Hollywood and Embrace the Reboot

Here in the United States, we seem to be in a period where we’re enthralled by the idea of a reboot, with reboot defined as the reconceptualization of a previously developed idea. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies were popular but to breathe new life into the character, the franchise is getting rebooted, giving a slightly […]

Sharks’ Joe Thornton Could Never Go Back to Boston

In his Sunday notes column, Kevin Paul Dupont let himself wonder what life would be like for the Bruins had the Joe Thornton who’s currently playing in San Jose been the same Joe Thornton who played in Boston. Dupont acknowledges that Thornton has taken a while to blossom and that the coaching situations in Boston […]

Phoenix Drama Ruins Good News for Islanders

The timing of the announcement of a proposed new arena for the Islanders is unfortunate, coming right on the heels of the City of Glendale needing to kick in another $25 million to keep the Coyotes. Glendale has little choice, though. While the Coyotes are bleeding money, the city needs the team to occupy […]

Islanders Making Tickets Affordable to Entice New Fans

The New York Islanders are doing something very few New York City area teams seem capable of: cutting their season ticket prices. The goal of the price cut is to attract new season ticket holders and grow the Islanders’ season ticket base. Over 60% of current season ticket holders will pay less for their tickets […]

With League Help, Islanders Can Return to Their Glory Days

Michael Russo, beat writer for the Minnesota Star-Tribune had a great post about the glorious history of the New York Islanders as witnessed by Russo, who grew up on Long Island during those glory days. From the very first game I ever covered at Nassau Coliseum (where I didn’t watch a minute of the game, […]

For Some Players, Less (Salary) Is More

Photo by Anna Enriquez It’s no surprise Scott Gomez is getting called out in Montreal for his salary. Salary creates expectations. And in a salary cap environment, this is especially true, since every dollar going to one player is not available for another player. So when a player like Gomez underperforms, not only is he […]

The Return of Trapping Isn’t All Bad

Photo by Cindy Andrie Darren Eliot is complaining that more NHL teams are returning to the dreaded neutral zone trap. Eliot’s hypothesis is that after a brief glory period for stretch pass driven hockey, more and more NHL coaches are returning to the safer trap: The eyeball test tells me the game is now backsliding […]

Matt Moulson Wants to Remain an Islander…Seriously

Photo by bridgetds One of the most shocking things I’ve heard recently is that Matt Moulson doesn’t want to be traded away from the New York Islanders (reportedly to the Bruins). I’m not sure why he wants to stay, although the Islanders do seem to have turned out of their nosedive. But apparently he sees […]