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Three Goalies is the New Two Goalies

So I guess keeping three goalies on the roster is now officially a trend? The Flyers are keeping three goalies while Ray Emery prepares to return. The Flyers literally have nothing else to do with their cap space, so they may as well keep all three goalies. The Islanders are currently rolling three goalies, with […]

Being the Line Change Not Always a Great Idea

Mike Heika did his weekly question-and-answer session with his readers and while it’s all usually really good, I wanted to spotlight one of this week’s answers from Heika: Q: What do you feel are the reasons for the Stars’ road success this year? And why hasn’t that success been duplicated at home? HEIKA: Those are […]

NHL Is a Two Financial Tier League

Forbes released their annual NHL franchise valuations and things actually look pretty good for the league. Or at least for some of the franchises. The average operating profit was $6.1 million, aggregate income increased, as did average franchise value. Unfortunately, this wasn’t an across the board thing for the all of the franchises. While successful […]

Leafs End Suffering; Isles and Wild Continue Theirs

Oh wow! The Leafs finally won! The Leafs finally won! Who knew goaltending was such an important position? Jonas Gustavsson earned his first NHL win with his second solid NHL start. But credit Anaheim, too, for playing a very dull game. It’s almost like they wanted to give the Leafs their first win of the […]

Isles and Leafs Place Offense Before Winning

What are we? Two weeks into the season? And already the Doug Weight trade rumors are starting. This has to be some kind of trade rumor record. The Islanders are still waiting for their first win of the season and are in a challenging situation. Coach Scott Gordon has some talented, but undeveloped forwards and […]

No Lighthouse at the End of the Islanders Tunnel

The Long Island Press is reporting Charles Wang, owner of the Isles, has walked away from the Lighthouse project, apparently feeling it would never get done. The project would have resulted in a new arena for the Isles. One interesting, if completely unconfirmed, wrinkle is Sam Fischler’s assertion during last night’s Rangers game that the […]

Flames-Islanders the Preseason Game for the Ages

Last night’s Calgary-Islanders might have been the game of late 2008. It was like some kind of movie. You had Dion Phaneuf’s massive open-ice hit on Islander Kyle Okposo (Okposo has a mild concussion). The one bright spot for the Islanders was that Okposo’s teammates immediately came to his defense, attempting to fight Phaneuf the […]

Save the Owners From Themselves. Again.

John Grigg has a great piece looking at how much teams are spending on buyouts. The most startling stat he reveals is that Alexei Yashin is the second-highest paid Islander, even though Yashin now plays in the KHL. It just serves as a reminder that the NHL, as well as other sports leagues, can either […]

Bruins Use Morris to Make a Point

Interesting. The Bruins traded defenseman Aaron Ward back to Carolina and signed Derek Morris for one year at $3.3 million. Not everyone thinks it’s a great move for Boston. Morris has lost a few steps, but he’s still got a great shot. And I think that’s all Boston really wanted — someone who could get […]

Getting Drafty

I’m never able to get very excited about the NHL draft. Very few draftees have an immediate impact, so it’s hard to get psyched about players you probably won’t see for a while. Greg Logan had an interesting piece about if teams should take the player they value most highly or the one the market […]