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Tonight’s the Night

So tonight’s the night for Detroit or Pittsburgh. Tim Panaccio says the Penguins need a role player to step-up and pull a Ruslan Fedotenko circa game seven of the 2004 Stanley Cup finals. I think Fedotenko, who now plays for Pittsburgh, is a logical candidate for that role, but maybe it’s too obvious. Meanwhile, moving […]

Isles: ‘Our Pick Is Your Pick’

Greg Logan has a great post on Michael Farber taking Islanders GM Garth Snow to task for letting fans vote on who the Islanders should draft with the first overall pick. First of all, I don’t think Snow is actually letting the fans decide. I look at it as more of a straw poll. But […]

Islanders Reborn? Goalies For Sale

When I saw the Isles won the draft lottery, my first thought was that the NHL should step in and not let them trade it, as the Islanders are a little bit like Jack from JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. If any other GM offers them some beans for the pick, the Islanders are all in. […]

Low Expectations

Jim Kelley has an interesting column wondering if expectations are routinely too high for Canadian teams. Basically, he doesn’t think it’s realistic to expect any team to consistently make the playoffs. As someone whose life and career are predicated on meeting low expectations, I have to tip my hat to Kelley and his slacker defense. […]

Devils Need One-Star Travel

Saturday night, Islanders coach Scott Gordon used stay-at-home defenseman Brendan Witt in the shootout, obviously a very strange move. Greg Logan finally got to ask Gordon about the rationale for Witt. Basically, it sounds like Gordon is just experimenting, since the season is over. I’m with Gordon on this. I’d put my backup goalie in […]

PuckUpdate: ‘Sorry, Blues!’

First of all, I would like to formally apologize to the St. Louis Blues. Back in February, I teased Jeff Gordon for suggesting the Blues were heading toward a playoff position. This morning, the Blues are just two games out of a spot, helped by last night’s huge win over San Jose. Imagine if the […]

NHL GMs Play It Safe For Once in Their Lives

This year’s trade deadline was basically fantasy hockey. Not a lot of big names moved. It was a lot of second-tier players. The kind you spend a lot of time moving on a fantasy team. Adrian Dater called it Tuesday: GMs are scared to death of the probability of a shrunken future cap. Pretty much […]

Tough Gig

In case you weren’t sure, it’s tough to be an NHL linesman. Whenever you go to an NHL game with someone new to hockey, he/she is always shocked by the physical condition of the officials. Those guys can probably outskate a good 25% of the league. I’d love to see the officials play the Islanders. […]

Isles Won’t Consider Hard-Core Queens. Yet.

Apparently the Islanders won’t be moving to Queens just yet. The team released a statement saying they’re not moving into the now-industrial area near Citi Field, formerly known as Shea Stadium. I’m from Queens and I know that area near Shea. It’s a maze of chop shops (or at least car repair places housed in […]

Goalies: ‘We Work Better in Pairs’

The Islanders find themselves in an interesting position. Their top goalie is down. Their backup goalie is down. And now, their backup backup goalie is suddenly stepping up big time. On the heels of a 36 save performance against the Caps Monday night, backup backup goalie Yann Danis made 39 saves against the Ducks, giving […]