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Shanahan Pays Off Very Quickly

So Brendan Shanahan’s return to New Jersey went pretty well. He scored a powerplay goal, saw a decent amount of ice time, and skated with Bobby Holik and Mike Rupp on the fourth line. Jay Pandolfo was a healthy scratch and wasn’t happy about it. Also, Tim Panaccio had a nice look at the NHL’s […]

KC the New Hockeytown?

I kind of a have a feeling Kansas City is about to become a hot NHL city. Hot on the heels of the announcement the Islanders are going to play the Kings in an exhibition game in KC comes Wayne Gretzky’s confirmation the Coyotes are looking for new investors to help keep the team in […]

Isles Love Starting a Backup

I really love the Islanders because their franchise goalie could be about to be shut-down for this season and they’re thinking Wade Dubielewicz, all the way. This is a team that’s just so scared to dream. If the Islanders got three wishes, they’d probably wish for a cup of coffee, a pair of socks, and […]

Isles Need Emotional Weight Lift

It’s no secret the Islanders are looking to trade Doug Weight. It’s a logical move in the sense that the Islanders aren’t going to do anything this season and they can get some future value back for Weight. But it’s a pretty crummy move in that Weight really wants to be a part of the […]

Holiday Stress

I think the holidays stress everyone out — even athletes and coaches. People around the NHL seem a little tense. Over in St. Louis, coach Andy Murray called out players by name after a loss to the Bruins. And now, rather than apologizing or clarifying, Murray is bizarrely standing by his jerky behavior. All of […]

Drury on the Move?

Adrian Dater has an interesting plot twist in the Sundin To Rangers Show. Like how about the Rangers moving Chris Drury to Colorado? Adrian Dater says it’s not impossible. He concocts a scenario where the Rangers waive Drury, Colorado claims him, and the Rangers are only on the hook for half of Drury’s salary. Because […]

Penguins Detroy Isles

Geez. The Isles had to know that after losing three in a row, the Penguins were going to be looking for a win in a big way. And the Penguins had to know the Isles have been struggling, pretty much from minute one of the season. But I don’t think anyone saw last night’s 9-2 […]

NHL Fights the Fighting

Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how to protect NHL players. Two weeks ago, Don Cherry was going on about it for like eight minutes. I wish I could follow what he says. I think he might have said something about no-touch icing potentially saving lives, but I’m not quite sure. To be […]

Parrish a Star

Mark Parrish is joining the Dallas Stars, presumably to provide some offense and some defensive responsibility to the struggling team. Goalie Marty Tuco will be happy to have another defense-oriented player playing in front of him. I also suspect the Stars wanted a new character guy in the room, as the team seems to be […]

Bruins Move Dots; Moog Tries to Help Turco

Just some quick weekend notes that fascinated me: The Bruins have been playing with an incorrectly measured faceoff dot. I can’t believe it took so long for anyone to realize (someone from the press caught it) and I can’t believe those dots aren’t done off of some kind of stencil. Goalie coach Andy Moog is […]