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Trade Deadline — Or Lifeline?

The trade deadline draws nearer. I’ve always thought the NHL should take a few nights off for it. Get everyone in the same room, players and GMs, and just do the trading right there, live. It would be like when you chose teams when you were a kid. Maybe the NHL could make it even […]

Kings of Indifference

I’m not sure if there’s a connection between these two items: Tim Panaccio had a pretty standard piece about hockey, and how while it doesn’t have broad appeal, it does have its fans in certain parts of the world. He talks about how the LA papers stopped covering the Ducks and Kings on the road […]

Isles Won’t Consider Hard-Core Queens. Yet.

Apparently the Islanders won’t be moving to Queens just yet. The team released a statement saying they’re not moving into the now-industrial area near Citi Field, formerly known as Shea Stadium. I’m from Queens and I know that area near Shea. It’s a maze of chop shops (or at least car repair places housed in […]

KC the New Hockeytown?

I kind of a have a feeling Kansas City is about to become a hot NHL city. Hot on the heels of the announcement the Islanders are going to play the Kings in an exhibition game in KC comes Wayne Gretzky’s confirmation the Coyotes are looking for new investors to help keep the team in […]

Kings Contemplate Success

The Kings are probably one of the NHL’s bigger surprises this season. The team has a young, almost anonymous roster, yet somehow the Kings are still in the thick of things. Now, with billions (OK,millions) of dollars in cap space, the team has to start considering if it wants to grab some high-priced talent to […]

Quick Hits

A few quick things: Bobby Clarke visited the Flyers to give the team some faceoff tips. Players were a bit surprised that he kept saying “Here’s another tip. You don’t need goaltending. It’s overrated. So is speed. You’ll see. You’ll all see…” SportsHubLA has a great interview with Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times. […]

Leafs Roll Older-School Line; Blues Contemplating Schneider?

Is there actually good news in Leaf nation? Coach Ron Wilson, in an inspired bit of retro-line building has combined new Leaf acquisition Ryan Hollweg with waiver prize Dominic Moore. Moore and Hollweg famously played together (with Jed Ortmeyer), on the New York Rangers 2005-06 HMO line, a high energy line that was part agitator […]

Blackhawks: ‘We Don’t Have Two Goalies’

What do you do if you’ve got two expensive starting goalies? If you’re you or me, you’re probably going to figure out which one is the best and then trade the other one. And you’re probably going to start the process as soon as possible. If you’re the Blackhawks, you’re going to let them both […]

Schneider Clears Waivers and Zubov’s Hip Hurt: Coincidence?

Schneider Waived; Kings Wave Back