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Trapping Isn’t Tantrum-worthy

NHLers Enjoy Aggressive Coaching Just As Much As Fans Do

After the last NHL lockout, the league put an emphasis on trying to take trapping out of hockey, saying that fans didn’t want to watch a team trap for three periods. So the league tweaked some rules and did what it could to put some more speed into the game. And for the most part […]

Like E.T., Many NHL Players Interested in Going Home

If there’s been a recurring theme to this off-season, it’s been players going home to play where they want to play. First, you have Brad Richards, the jewel of the free agent class, who’s allegedly looking to play at a destination he likes, as opposed to taking whoever offers the most money. Some rumors have […]

Psychology Helps Roloson Reclaim His Starting Job

Some days, Tampa Lightning coach Guy Boucher’s psychology background is practically visible. Yesterday was one of those days. Down three games to two and facing elimination, Boucher has named Dwayne Roloson as his starting goalie for game six. Roloson struggled in game four and was replaced by Mike Smith in game five. Smith was very […]

Without Ovechkin’s Trust, Boudreau Has Nothing

It looks like Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau’s job is safe. At least until next season starts. But Boudreau is going to have a tough job next year. There are basically two theories floating around about how the Capitals were swept by the Lightning: The Capitals were outplayed. The Capitals were outcoached. Tarik El-Bashir says […]

Capitals Spending Too Much Time Chasing Lightning

With the Washington Capitals down two games to none in their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, I have a suggestion for the Caps: don’t chase the Lightning in the defensive zone. For all of the talk about how system-oriented and defensive Tampa coach Guy Boucher’s 1-3-1 system is, once the Lightning enters the offensive […]

Chris Drury Finally Remembers What He Does Best

Michael Russo had an interesting post a few days ago, about what it takes to survive in the NHL. The post was about defenseman Justin Falk, a Minnesota Wild call-up who stood around while some Canucks were physically abusing his teammates. The next day, Falk was returned to the minors. Russo mused about what it […]

Matt Moulson Wants to Remain an Islander…Seriously

Photo by bridgetds One of the most shocking things I’ve heard recently is that Matt Moulson doesn’t want to be traded away from the New York Islanders (reportedly to the Bruins). I’m not sure why he wants to stay, although the Islanders do seem to have turned out of their nosedive. But apparently he sees […]

Guy Boucher: ‘You Are Getting Sleepy and Psyched to Play the Devils’

Photo by One of the hardest parts of being an NHL coach has to be keeping your team psyched. The NHL season is just so long. At a certain point, players are probably more tired than engaged. Halfway into a season, teams just don’t have the emotional energy to get pumped for every game. […]

Islanders Can Stop Rebuilding Now

Photo by Paul Nicholson I understand the nature of teams is to go through ebbs and flows. Some periods are defined by success, while other periods, not so much. Smart teams build from the failure, using the downtime to replenish, developing prospects and trading pieces of the present for pieces of the future. The Islanders […]