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And the Academy Award for Best Coaching Performance Goes To…

The thing I love most about NHL coaching is that in a lot of ways, it’s really more about persona and performance than Xs and Os. You can have no understanding of hockey and still motivate your players, probably relying on your assistant coaches to handle the tactical issues, and you can probably have a […]

Older Athletes: ‘Eating Eggs is a Recognized Skill’

This weekend the Times had an interesting look at how many older players are thriving in the NHL. The article says that conventional wisdom holds teams will build around young talent under a salary cap, but I think it’s quite the opposite. Teams can’t afford young talent, unless it’s home-grown, so a cheap way to […]

Shanahan Right for Jersey

I haven’t written much about Brendan Shanahan joining the Devils but seeing as how he’s expected to suit-up in Nashville tonight, it seems like a good time. Devils coach Brent Sutter hasn’t announced who Shanahan will replace in the line-up, but it seems to be down to fourth-liners Jay Pandolfo and Mike Rupp. Pandolfo used […]

Blue Jackets Learn Patience; Tampa Not So Much

The youth movement is going well in Columbus, with lots of rookies stepping up to help the team. Columbus isn’t a powerhouse, but they’re right on the playoff bubble. And people are noticing the team has something going on; attendance and TV ratings are up for the team. The Blue Jackets have always relied on […]

Turmoil in Ottawa? May Comes Early in Toronto

Are Senators coach Craig Hartsburg and GM Bryan Murray both out in Ottawa? Maybe. Le Journal de Montreal reported they’ll be replaced by Hockey Canada’s Bob Nicholson (as new GM) and Pat Quinn (as coach). Eugene Melnyk, the owner of the Senators, says no decision has been made. Quinn has got to be close to […]

Sundin Heading West; Wings Are Not Scared

I’m sorry but I think Mats Sundin is a little crazy. This week he was in New York, huddling with the Rangers, making it seem like his signing was inevitable. And then, of course, he signed with the Canucks. In New York, the beat writers seem to believe the X factor was a dollar sign. […]

A Night Out with Coach Ken

While I applaud Columbus’ ingenuity in allowing fans to pay for tickets in installments, what does it say that you need an installment plan to have a few days or nights out at a hockey game? The Blue Jackets play in Ohio, a severely depressed state. The fans are there, but they’re not going to […]

The Unstoppable Melrose Autopsy

I feel like we’ll be doing the post-mortem on Barry Melrose’s coaching tenure in Tampa for years to come. Eventually, I suspect a dissertation or thesis will be written on the topic. Or at least a song. Erik Erlendsson seems pretty sure Melrose wasn’t “fired” by superstar Lecavalier, saying it was more Melrose who got […]

Devils in the Details for Elias

Larry Brooks had a column recommending the Devils figure out a way to unload Patrik Elias and his relatively ginormous contract. I’m shocked that Elias, once an offensive powerhouse, now has a regular shift on the Devils checking line. But what do the Devils do? Brooks operates on the assumption the Devils can trade Elias […]

The Stamkos Diaries

Steven Stamkos has posted another rookie diary. These things are so boring, I’ve become convinced they contain secret messages. For instance, I think “It was her first time down to Tampa and it was a good experience for her” really means “I’m so sick of this bench. It hurts. People weren’t meant to sit on […]