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Julianna Margulies Teaches NHL About Fighting

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’m just going to come out and say it. I watch The Good Wife. I’m not going to make excuses. I’m not going to justify it by mentioning the quality writing or the amazing performances. I’ve never written about The Good Wife here because it’s never intersected […]

NHL: There’s Nothing a Regular Season Gimmick Can’t Fix

Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Farber had an interesting look at John Collins, the NHL’s chief operating officer. Collins came from the NFL and is credited with making the NHL more event-driven, coming up with ideas like hyping the annual outdoor game, starting the season in Europe, and making the All-Star game a sort of real-life fantasy […]

New NHL TV Deal Means Less Local Broadcasts

Logos courtesy of Versus I’m OK with the NHL going with NBC/Versus for the next 10 years. Versus telecasts are still very much a crap shoot, but on the whole, they’ve gotten much, much more watchable. And even though NBC seems to love having 12 analysts covering a game, the productions are fine. But I […]

NHL Can’t Invest Everything in Sidney Crosby

I’m not a huge investor, but I try and read a little bit on the basics of investing, just to keep Mrs. PuckUpdate and I from inadvertently ending up in Ponzi scheme (a very real threat in our part of Queens). Any basic investment book will constantly remind you of the need to diversify your […]

Dean Lombardi Criticizes The Golden Goose

Yikes! I’m not sure Kings GM Dean Lombardi got the memo not to upset your up-and-coming franchise defenseman. Lombardi made some comments about Jack Johnson’s play in Michigan, where Johnson played college hockey. Lombardi also made comments about the quality of the Michigan program. Did I mention they were negative comments? Now, Johnson is pretty […]

Everyone Left in Western Conference Barely Breathing

What can you say about “Evgeni Malkin’s performance last night? There were stretches where he looked downright Ovechkin-esque, doing everything but playing goal. And shoving Sidney Crosby. He’ll get there, though. I thought Malkin’s potential seemed to have plateaued, but after last night’s game, I’m curious just how much he’s capable of. Over in the […]

Officials: ‘Stop Pushing Yourselves!’

The Denver Post’s Adrian Dater is becoming alarmingly disgusted by the Avs, but he does have the team’s back a little bit today, agreeing that they got a raw deal in their 7-4 loss to the Leafs when Milan Hejduk’s game-tying goal was waved off for a goaltender interference call on Ryan Smyth. I can’t […]

Senators: ‘We Didn’t Want Our Fans to See Us Like This’

Don’t worry if you missed last night’s Blackhawks-Senators game. Apparently a lot of Canadians did, too, as the game was shown on the not-widely-available TSN2. Can you imagine if the Blackhawks still didn’t broadcast their home games? This might have been a game practically unseen by anyone outside of the United Center. Obviously, the Senators […]

Kings Contemplate Success

The Kings are probably one of the NHL’s bigger surprises this season. The team has a young, almost anonymous roster, yet somehow the Kings are still in the thick of things. Now, with billions (OK,millions) of dollars in cap space, the team has to start considering if it wants to grab some high-priced talent to […]

Flyers Inflict Indigestion; FIOS Stays Classy; Win a Mask

The Flyers blew out the Thrashers 7-0 last night in Atlanta. The Thrashers have horrible attendance. Coincidence? Well the Thrashers have set-up certain all-you-can eat sections. Awful hockey + depression eating = messy recipe for disaster. I’m glad I wasn’t at Philips Arena last night. I think you can have all-you-can buffets or you can […]