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NHL: ‘Wait. Baseball Isn’t Over? Are You Sure?’

The Times has an interesting story this morning about the NHL leaning on its stars to market itself. The article quotes Bob Stellick, the president of a Toronto-based marketing company: Stellick says that the N.H.L. would be wise to augment its reliance on Crosby by trying to promote players born in the United States to […]

Blackhawks: ‘We Don’t Have Two Goalies’

What do you do if you’ve got two expensive starting goalies? If you’re you or me, you’re probably going to figure out which one is the best and then trade the other one. And you’re probably going to start the process as soon as possible. If you’re the Blackhawks, you’re going to let them both […]

Lemaire: ‘Trapping Makes Me Happy’

So apparently Wild coach Jacques Lemaire thought about retiring at the end of last season. The fun had gone out of the game for him, which I think is probably the craziest thing about Lemaire. He really does love that stifling, trapping style. GM Doug Risebrough talked Lemaire into staying. Meanwhile, Marian Gaborik remains unsigned […]

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