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I’m So Sorry

I’m so sorry. A site is stealing this feed so I’ve been forced to truncate it until I figure out a plan B. I realize this is a huge annoyance. I’m an RSS person. I believe it should all be in the reader. I hate clicking out of the reader to read a post. It’s […]

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Beyond Hockey: Help Find a Missing Woman

Do a Good Deed

A friend of mine from high school is trying to win a free wedding from a local radio station. He was supposed to be married a month or so ago, but his mom was killed outside her house a week before the wedding and my friend’s wedding money went toward the funeral. It’s a really […]


Posting will be light to nonexistent as I’m getting married Saturday. The links to the right will take you to some primo hockey sites, though. Full-time posting will resume in a week or so.

Happy Holidays!

Don’t expect too many (or any) updates this week. See ya in a week, kids!

Getting there…

OK. We’ll be back tomorrow. The server move was successful. There’s just some archive weirdness to fix. Thanks for your patience at a very annoying time. This stuff never happens during the summer, when nothing is going on, does it?