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Ryan Smyth to Rangers Would Have Been Textbook Sather

Of course the New York Rangers were supposedly looking into adding Ryan Smyth as a top-six forward (maybe…). The Rangers need scoring, especially given Brad Richards recent cooldown that some might call positively Drury-esque. Smyth is more than just offense, though. His strong play in both ends would let him slide right into this current […]

Glen Sather and Icing Safety: Compassion or Gamesmanship?

It’s nice that Rangers’ GM Glen Sather is coming out, very publicly, in favor of the NHL adopting some kind of no-touch icing rule. Sather’s in favor of the race to the puck stopping at the faceoff dots, rather than around the boards. Sather was commenting on the state of icing in the NHL because […]

Like E.T., Many NHL Players Interested in Going Home

If there’s been a recurring theme to this off-season, it’s been players going home to play where they want to play. First, you have Brad Richards, the jewel of the free agent class, who’s allegedly looking to play at a destination he likes, as opposed to taking whoever offers the most money. Some rumors have […]

Banishing Sheldon Souray is the Right Call for the Oilers

I’m proud of the Oilers for banishing Sheldon Souray to the AHL. The AHL demotion isn’t about his talent (or lack of talent) so much as it’s about his attitude. Souray’s tenure in Edmonton has been defined by injuries and complaints about the organization. GM Steve Tambellini decided to take a risk on eating Souray’s […]

Sheldon Souray Not a Bad Fit for the Rangers

Larry Brooks’ story of the Marc Staal re-signing briefly mentions the Rangers might be looking into obtaining defenseman Sheldon Souray from Edmonton. Back when Souray was a free agent in the summer of 2007, it always seemed liked he was waiting for an offer from the Rangers. The offer never came so Souray signed with […]

Slow Trade Deadline

Yesterday’s trade deadline was one of the quietest I can remember in years. There just weren’t any really big moves. Teams like Pittsburgh and Phoenix made a couple of moves to get better, but none of them were exciting blockbuster trades that make you gasp. My theory is that the Olympics suppressed any huge trades. […]

Oilers Checking Out

Last night in Anaheim, the slumping Oilers broke up their checking line of Shawn Horcoff, Ethan Moreau and Fernando Pisani. The line had imploded in Edmonton’s previous game, against Phoenix, going a combined -10. The breakup didn’t help last night against Anaheim, as the Oilers still lost. But it doesn’t seem like the Oilers were […]

Quinn Ready to Surrender in Edmonton?

So has Pat Quinn given up on coaching the Oilers? Or is he worried about his job? He’s kind of giving mixed messages. First, after a 6-0 loss to the Avs, Quinn announce, “You get hit so many times with a right, you’re begging for a left…That’s the reason to draw the line in the […]

Three Goalies is the New Two Goalies

So I guess keeping three goalies on the roster is now officially a trend? The Flyers are keeping three goalies while Ray Emery prepares to return. The Flyers literally have nothing else to do with their cap space, so they may as well keep all three goalies. The Islanders are currently rolling three goalies, with […]

Senators Lose Leverage and Increase Demands

There’s a lot I don’t get about the Dany Heatley ransom demands. Like why are the Oilers so hot for a player who so obviously doesn’t want to play for them? Are they only interested because they know he’ll demand a trade in another two seasons? Do they think they can change him? And as […]