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FORGOTTEN MIRACLE is the story of the U.S.’s 1960 gold-medal-winning Olympic hockey team. It was the first U.S. team to win an Olympic gold medal in hockey. The premise for the documentary is that before there was a Miracle on Ice in upstate New York, there was a miracle on ice in Squaw Valley, California, […]

Bettman Feeling Good About Olympics; Salon? Not So Much

Just some Olympic odds and ends: Gary Bettman went on FOX Business Network and seemed to have a little bit of an Olympic high: Watch the latest business video at The most interesting part? He doesn’t rule out Sochi 2014 out of hand. It seems to be something he really wants to consider. That […]

Great Hockey Does Not Depend Upon Star Power…Even In the Olympics

What can you say about yesterday’s gold medal game? It was awesome And it was awesome because of the discipline shown by Team USA and Team Canada. Both teams stuck to their game plans. There was no panic. The US didn’t panic when they went down by two goals and Canada didn’t panic when the […]

Mike Babcock Over- and Under-Coaching Team Canada

Rich Chere says Mike Babcock is over-coaching Team Canada, changing lines and goalies too frequently. Just about everyone watching last night’s Germany/Canada game had the same thought: ‘I could successfully play goal for Team Canada against the Germans.’ Germany just wasn’t much of a threat. Babcock probably could have safely given Brodeur another start without […]

NHL Might Finally Take an Olympic Stand

I’m glad to see NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman admit the Olympics does very little for the NHL. Yesterday, I watched Russia-Czech Republic on NBC and USA-Canada on MSNBC, both games moderately-to-negligibly hyped, and both games played with a ton of NHL players (or former NHL players, in the case of Russia-Czech Republic). I wouldn’t have […]

Olympic NHLers: ‘Can We Play Some Pee Wee Teams Next?’

Is anyone else embarrassed by Olympic hockey so far? Watching U.S./Switzerland yesterday, the American team seemed content to nurse a three-goal lead most of the game. The Americans didn’t go for the throat and in general, seemed to be trying to find their Olympic footing. Basically, it was a super-talented team not executing in a […]

The NHL Needs Mark Cuban

Who will buy the Dallas Stars? I guess no one knows, but Mike Heika says he keeps hearing the name Doug Miller. Miller has experience with minor league hockey in addition to running a non-hockey Dallas-based business. The interesting name, though, is Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who was recently brought in by […]

Ducks and Kings Feed Off of the Other’s Pain

Question: Can the Ducks and Kings both be good teams at the same time? Can they both be bad teams? Or, my theory here, do they feed off of each other, with the success of one causing the demise of the other, a veritable Western Conference yin and yang? The Kings recent swoon has coincided […]

Three Goalies is the New Two Goalies

So I guess keeping three goalies on the roster is now officially a trend? The Flyers are keeping three goalies while Ray Emery prepares to return. The Flyers literally have nothing else to do with their cap space, so they may as well keep all three goalies. The Islanders are currently rolling three goalies, with […]

Olympics Will Drain a Lot of Players

Not to be a jerk about the Olympics, but what exactly is the NHL thinking? The Penguins are obviously already gassed from their successful Stanley Cup run. They beat Atlanta last night, but had dropped their previous five. And now, instead of just focusing on making it to the All-Star break, they’re going to send […]